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  1. [quote name='Chesire_Cat' post='27509' date='Nov 1 2008, 11:37 AM'][font="Arial"][size=3]I want to study Neuroscience as well, and i found a couple of courses which might help... You didn't say wherever you wanted to study in the UK or in the US, but there's a course for Neurology for undergraduates at Columbia (US) at King's College London (UK) [url="http://www.kcl.ac.uk/ugp09/programme/94"]http://www.kcl.ac.uk/ugp09/programme/94[/url] or Sussex(UK) [url="http://www.sussex.ac.uk/biology/syllabus/2006/B1001U.html"]http://www.sussex.ac.uk/biology/syllabus/2006/B1
  2. Hey guys! I had my TOK orals yesterday and everything went superb. The thing is that some minutes ago I realized, I forgot to hand in the "Presentation Planning Document". Now I'm in a total state of panic. Does this mean that I fail? I can't contact my teacher either cause we have the autumn breaks right now.
  3. In my school we had to do it in only 1 subject (even if you have several) and write your lab in the subject you were appointed to work with. Ask your teacher.
  4. You don't have to replicate the experiment to every detail. Sometimes, as you've noticed, it's impossible. Do you have HL or SL? HL students must have at least 3 studies to support the theory they want to investigate so in that case, you can search for another study which is easier to apply. If you have SL, then just take another study or simplify it by using other variables, which you can evaluate in your IA. Does that help or am I too vague?
  5. I completely disagree. Psychology is good for a lot of things and it definitely should be useful for commercial law. I shouldn't state much because it really depends on the university so it's difficult to say anything for sure. One thing I do know for sure that psychology is a handy subject to have because you can it apply to many different areas. I don't think chemistry or biology concern law. In that case, psychology would be better.I don't see why it wouldn't be appreciated but make sure what the university wants first.
  6. We use that book too and it's really good; loads of good studies and key concepts. We just got loads of paper for the humanistic perspective and the options which are social and dysfunctional. Thanks for the revision site link
  7. humingyay

    IA Topic help

    Well Freud didn't really have scientific studies whatsoever so that would be really difficult to perform. His studies were just based on listening to his patients talk. There weren't any specific semi-structured interview questions either. I recommend that you do not choose any Freudian theory. The easiest to do would something from the social, cognitive and learning perspective. How come you are the only one that has to do an IA in psych? All psych students have to do that.
  8. Depends if I've got a test the next day or not. Usually it's around 11'30. If I've got a test then around 1'00.
  9. I want to study Neuroscience after IB and I've asked a lot of people including teachers, and also googled to know which course I need to study at university to approach my goal. So I figured that it has to be related with medicine right? But then, there are gajillion types of medicine courses and I have no idea which one to select. It can't be medicine and surgery so I'm guessing biochemistry or medicinal chemistry? Please help me out. Sorry if this topic is at the wrong place
  10. [quote name='dancexxexplode' post='25105' date='Sep 23 2008, 02:39 AM']so. im new here but i would really appreciate some of your advice! last week i came SO close to dropping IB, shamefully largely because of the extended essay. i've already switched my topic three times! so right now im doing a psych paper but im not too sure on a topic/ how narrow my topic has to be. i'm thinking about doing something like how does the hospital environment affect patients' healing rates? anyone know of any good sources of info for something like that? or does that sound like an o
  11. Well it depends where you want to study. All universities do not have similar demands in order to study some course. For instance in Sweden, you don't need psychology in high school/college to study psychology in university. Strange but true. You [i]do[/i] need to have biology HL though Anyways, decide first where you want to study; country, university; and then I'm sure the university's website will provide the information.
  12. haha!! Mais oui, je le comprends. Est-ce que tu peux parler hindi ou punjabi aussi? J'adore New Delhi. Les gens sont plus sociaux que les gujaratis et l'atmosphère est différent aussi. Si je pouvrais demander, pourquoi fais-tu ton BI en l'Inde?
  13. Whoa there are more IB drama "fanatics". Half of my class is obsessed with Asian dramas Anyhow, to cope with the stress, I do something I like --> Dance. At least once a week, so I get my CAS too Jogging just gets me even more stressed because I think about the things I need to do which I'm not doing at the moment. So yea, turns me into a psycho. By dancing, I just concentrate on the music ^^ So basically, do something you like.
  14. I had a part time job for the same reason. I say go for it. Pre is nothing compared to the IB so just live the way you want to I had the part time job till beginning of IB2 and I recently quit when the internals deadlines were decided. Plus, you can put that in your personal statement which apparently is very impressive IF you manage to get good grades at the same time! You should be prepared to quit the job when needed.
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