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  1. I am an IB senior and my class is taking the exams in May 2013. In TOK our teacher made us write a detailed outline on our title, but he gave us a PLT sheet with "November 2012" written across the top, so I assumed he was giving us the wrong titles. But we had a substitute that day so I couldn't ask anyone. the titles included: 1. Can we have beliefs or knowledge which are independent of our culture? 2. "It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts"(Arthur Conan Doyle). Consider the extent to w
  2. I am doing my IA, and my data is quantitative, so I can't use the chi-squared test. what other sophisticated math processes can I use? (I'm doing the correlation between literacy rates and poverty rates) -thank you
  3. wow. my whole class is doing something like 20 points.... so 50 for each rate (poverty 50, literacy 50) ? or 25 for each rate for a grand total of 50 data points overall ?
  4. I am comparing the literacy rates and poverty rates of countries, and I have 25 data points for each. How many data points are we actually supposed to have? 50? 100?
  5. hey guys! my extended essay rough draft is due in a little over a month, and my question is "To what extent has European antiziganism contributed to the stereotyping of the Roma people in contemporary American society" basically I'm focusing on stereotypes of the Roma in popular culture in america and how said stereotypes have stemmed from a long history of bias and prejudice in Europe then talking about their marginalization and social exclusion my EE mentor and DP coordinator said my outline was good but... I was wondering what to incorporate into the essay to fit the 'relevant human rights
  6. can we use two works of the same author for our evidence in a History Extended Essay?
  7. you're probably right but it seems the most feasible option at this point. which of the other options do you think is better?
  8. ok thank you so so much. is your friend taking the exam in November? and when did she start exactly?
  9. I know its a bad Idea but my only other options are A) take spanish B HL in one year and i have a very very very weak background in spanish or B) stay in Visual Arts HL which one of my dream universities views as a non-preferred subject and VA is also really hard to get a 6+ in. what else can I do?
  10. i'm starting IB2 tomorrow and i might have to take Spanish B HL i'll be essentially starting from scratch. All I took was beginner's Spanish for less than one semester. is it possible to get to the level needed in spanish to get a 6 on the test? what do I need to know? is it possible? and can anyone link me to where I can learn spanish grammar quickly and easily? any information is helpful, thanks
  11. I want to self-study economics HL but I don't know if its allowed.
  12. yeah ok. but my question is am I allowed to take an HL course in one year?
  13. honestly, I'll work my ass off if I have to. i don't think it's absolutely necessary, (I've emailed the schools I'm applying to with the question but I've yet to get a response) but I don't want to put myself in any sort of disadvantaged position. i mean I don't think it would be impossible, I've taken Econ before (IB honors level) and I got perfect grades, and I understood it pretty well. but hey thanks a million for responding
  14. Can I start taking Economics HL in IB2? in IB1 i took Visual Arts HL but since some of the universities I'm applying to look at it as an easy subject, I want to take Economics. My school doesn't offer it but I could take it online I don't think it would be a problem since some people at my school switched from chem to physics in the middle of second semester of IB1. (although those were SL classes) some one please answer soon. thank you
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