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  1. What is this for? If you wanted to present this, you can make a workout routine on excel and print that or put it on a powerpoint presentation. You can also add a meal plan and give information to each food group you add, on how it would help you in your athletic performance in the marathon. I could probably be of more help if I knew what this is for exactly. Scratch that. (Sorry I do the IB program in french so it took me awhile to get what the personal project is haha) In your Personal Project, you must make sure that the Teacher can verify that you had all these components for your chosen
  2. Oh my goodness, you are so young! I think you should start preparing once you get into 10th grade summer vacation... Try to enjoy yourself right now, maintain good grades but don't over work yourself. Save that for later when gr.12 comes. Your subjects sounds fine. Perhaps in the future, you can look into what career you wish to pursue and choose courses that can further help you for that. For syllabuses, check the files sections. And browse the internet as well.
  3. 1. In what ways may disagreement aid the pursuit of knowledge in the natural and human sciences? The question is asking you to analyze how disagreeing (so counter arguments) help in your acquisition of knowledge in natural and human sciences. So I think you got that down. Natural Sciences: How would you explain/show that these scientific theories of atomic model and acid/base create disagreements that help in your pursuit of knowledge? You must have a personal example that can help prove your point. Human Sciences : There are three main sub categories to human sciences, there is Anthropology
  4. That sounds even better! Hope things go well in your IA!
  5. I personally think its a great question. Be sure to find a good primary source to analyze (I recommend that for the OPVL part, which is easy points) as well as many credible sources to back up your claims and you`re set! It`s something that hasn't been overdone before, I think you have a good shot in making it very unique and interesting! Generally it is the Analyze - Option D part where people loose marks or don't get full marks. Be sure to analyze and not just state information there. So really try to investigate on how the prior Belgium reign influenced the rising and escalation of the Rwan
  6. Well there are some teachers whom I am comfortable with and some other who I am not. The ones that are cool, I sometimes call them by their first name as a joke but generally I address them by using honorifics and their last name. More normal that way. In terms of respect, I treat them with respect. Even the ones (my TOK teacher) who I hate the most and want to hit against a wall. I just keep quiet and listen to them. There are others though, who voice their opinion in a more direct and rude manner. I think it is because I live in Canada, and we all know that people in Canada are a bunch of s
  7. É.S.C Monseigneur-de-Charbonnel, Ontario, Canada, May 2013 :D
  8. Well, here's the thing. To me, it seems as though your questions cited above are more related to topics in the FOA (Further Oral Assessment, which is part of the Languages and Literature component) rather than the TOK presentation Try thinking up something more precise and something that concentrates on AOK's and WOA's. Also think about a topic that is occurring in our modern day society as well, which will contribute to the global context of your theme. There are a lot of threads on here that can further help you in your idea development, be sure to check them out!
  9. Haha well I do go to a french school In a sense what you are saying is true but it is important to not go out of the context of this novel. Being in an absurd world as Camus puts it, the only point where Meursault really displays any real emotion is the moment right before his trial where he shows anger towards the priest. I find that Meursault's character prior to this scene displays a "I don't care for the world" type of feel. For example, in his relationship with Marie, she asks him if he wants to marry her. He then thinks to himself that he doesn't necessarily love Marie but he will marry
  10. Like what Sandwich said, that is most likely your school's deadline to keep you guys in track. The official IB deadline, where all schools must send in the EEs is like somewhere between January and Febuary. Talk to your IB supervisor and even your IB Coordi if necessary to sort it out. Show them what you have done so far and explain to them the mishap. Best of luck! Funny10sport
  11. Well if you have that kind of mentality then maybe you are right and you can choose to quit. But I think you shouldn't define your worth or intelligence based on other people around you. Sure you can look and see where they are but they have no control over your life. Only YOU do. In spite of all the hardships, if you do your best and just keep improving on your weaknesses then you can do it! It will get you nowhere if you do not take action and think like that. I think people underestimate themselves and their potential and they cause themselves to fail. If you did your all and realize that I
  12. Hey there! Well to be honest, I think that you should stick to one part, either French Jacobin or Stalin. Note this is a History IA, and you only have 500-600 words for Part B (Summary of Evidence) and 500-650 words for part D (Analysis). I am not quite sure if you would have enough words within the word limit to successfully compare both uses of state power. Hope that helps a little. Best of Luck! Funny10sport
  13. Well I don't know if I am considered an expert but I do know a lot about the book (Although I read it in French, where it is called : "L'Étranger) I think his trial was unjust. It is important to note that this book is based on absurdity. Camus defines absurdity as the combination of the irrationality of the world/universe plus the rationality of man (we see this at the end of the novel where Meursault comes to this conclusion right before he dies). The trial is Camus' representation of Man's logic. Their "logic" is based on biased claims and subjectivity towards religion. And remember tha
  14. Hey there! Starting is always the hardest part for me. I usually gather a whole bunch of information then I have no idea how to organize it coherently. So you're not alone . Do read the Evaluation and criteria for the IA on the History syllabus. There are a lot of good sources here on this site. Check out this thread which helps you how to tackle the History IA : (If after reading that and you still need more help regarding this let me know and I'll gladly try to help out by explaining more) I think we often tend to over think things and sometimes its best to just do it. Just start writing.
  15. You can basically do anything you want. And that might be a very smart choice if you want to improve your chances of success in the Final Exam. If you choose to do Russian tsars, try to really make your question very concise and specific. Narrow it down to a specific event or a movement. And be sure to find Primary sources that you can analyze.
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