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  1. Thank you so much, i meant the first example you used but after i remove the 40cm^3, how do i make another serial dilution from the 60cm^3 left
  2. I want to dilute a solution of a metal salt by 10 fold dilution so like 10 metal salt 90 water but i want to use 40cm^3 of that is it still 10 fold each time?
  3. My teacher says D&M is rather difficult, but because of the nature of the career i wish to pursue, i feel like its the most applicable option. Do you think it would be hard to self-study? Our teacher will be teaching one option, and that is further organic.
  4. What are primary and secondary resources? :/ sorry. I'm doing mine on a language and i thought it's less stringent
  5. One of the criteria deals with the research sources and the variety that is used. Do examiners lower your mark if you only have 2 books as resources? and like 10 websites? And do you need to cite whether its an ebook?
  6. Hey so if any of you have taken the 2012 exam or are taking the 2013 exam, i would appreciate it if you could share information regarding the new Paper 2 exam. Our teacher just showed us the generic questions for the paper and informed us that we will be analysing an unseen article related to one of the 6 areas of impact ( health, business, home and leisure, politics and government, science and environment and education) But some of the articles contain technical knowledge that we haven't been taught for example: QR codes. Can anyone give me a brief list of the basic technical stuff we need to
  7. Is this like a paper 1 analysis for Lang and Lit?
  8. Well ive seen an arabic A lang and lit paper 1 specimen and it was JUST a picture
  9. Did absolutely horrible on my Paper 1 exam on our mocks. Does anyone know how to go abouts and write a level 7/6 commentary? Especially: Multimodal texts and Images as we were told they prefer these. How would you get the literary features marks for a picture?
  10. Hey just thought i'd ask what everyone is doing for the literature part? what texts are you doing? I'm doing A Doll's House and The Crucible. They both seem interesting but the crucible is a bit hard to analyse. What's your say?
  11. Oh wow, we have such similar subjects. I was thinking of starting by March, cause now you have so many internal assessments and deadlines you need to meet and by then you will be able to devote all your time to just your subject examinations. However, i will probably start a couple of subjects a bit earlier due to their nature and my limited aptitude for example: Mathematics, can be a bit tricky and Biology needs A LOT of memorisation Your decision in the end.
  12. How to apply to Canadian universities?! I am interested in Life Sciences: 1. McGill 2. Toronto 3. Waterloo Is it the common app? or individual uni site? How do i go about? And what exactly do they want other than predicted?
  13. How do you apply again after results exactly? Sorry for the trouble
  14. What are the pros of studying in Canada rather than UK? What do canadian unis need other than a certain grade?
  15. Hey How are unconditionals given after ib results are out? If you get below minimum reqirement of the uni , Apparently a friend of mine got accepted unconditionally to do medicine in a top london uni.
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