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  1. I'm thinking of analyzing secondary sources whether or not I have a primary source or not, but my question is, how would my approach be? Would the approach be any different if I have primary source or not? See, I did a lab and I don't think the results were all that good for use, so I'm thinking of using secondary only. Now I am wondering whether or not to analyze the secondary sources as if they were my own like in the Bio internal assessments. What's your suggestion?
  2. I am writing my EE on ESS with the title of "The effect of aerial exposure on the decomposition rate of plant matter: Recommendations for yard waste policy." I am using lab experiments done by others as the major source of my data. I have only done analyses of primary lab data and now I am wondering how I should go about analyzing secondary lab data and results? Should I analyze it as if they were my own (as in listing out materials, procedures, etc)? Or should I just present the already collected data and focus on calculation of data analysis?
  3. 5'5 166cm I feel short because all of my cousins are either over 170(female) or 180(male)
  4. I'm going to volunteer at a cat shelter
  5. Actually, I have emailed my coordinator about it. I haven't gotten any reply yet and I bet I won't get any reply until the start of next school year after summer vacation, which leaves me in a hole since I am trying to do majority over the summer...
  6. I'm thinking of doing a blog where I will be doing English tutorials for Korean speaker as I speak both fluently. I don't know if that will count as CAS . It's not really a "service" although it's free...it's not really creative or something that would be considered active... P.s. I also have a goal of doing 100 croquis (something like real-life sketches involving figures) during this summer. Do you think that can count as creative part of CAS? P.p.s. Do you think learning how to drive can be considered action? I mean it's learning something new!
  7. Whatever goes~ Classical (and Semi-classical), Pop (including KPOP JPOP), Indie, country, rap if it has a good instrumental or melody-aka musical, ballad, dance (trance, techno, etc), hip-hop and R&B with good melody, etc.
  8. I found MathIIC much easier after taking Math SL. Although, some pre-calc stuff like conic sections and such, I kinda forgot and had to review,
  9. Everybody knows 9gag at my school, IB or not I mean it's all over facebook! But I have to say, I find IBmeme more interesting (and also fatal to my grade)
  10. Rainbow Cows! What is your favorite drink?
  11. Have you ever considered Psych HL? It is one of the easiest HL and it's an interesting course, too
  12. I did have a panic attack couple hours before the Psych SL P1 this year. I mean it was my very first IB exam. But after that, not really....I actually fell asleep in Psych SL P2 due to lack of tension...
  13. 1) Hyang Lee 2) Spanish (though I also am learning Japanese) 3) English, Korean 4) PM me!
  14. Starting from 2013, the exam methods changed a bit and instead of having an examiner come to the school for an interview, electronic catalog/portfolio will be sent online.
  15. I thought that the learning outcomes for Abnormal was usually "choose one disorder from two of the following groups," which means more than just the eating disorder?
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