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  1. i don't know when a life begins..3...4 week into pregnancy...but what i can't seem to grasp...is if you have created a life inside of you should take care of it(not by rape). if a mother kills a 1 year old child it is not ok but if it kills 4 week old baby it is ok...how does the age of a baby give the mother a choice. yes the baby is inside the mother but haven't the mother already made her choice when she decided to engage in coitus.
  2. Personally the biggest decider in this election will be how can get the economy back on track. Romney is a business man, that had a lot of experiences. For a while back in the day his job was to buy businesses that were hitting rock bottom turn them around and sell them for profit. This guy manged to do so. Personally my views are close with his, but for all of you people that think that social problems are important, let me say this, when a country is prospering changing social view is easier and more widely accepted. My Vote Goes To Romney
  3. yes you might know what chemicals make the feeling LOVE but can you tell me how does your brain know when to release this chemicals. These chemicals make you FEEL but when you are asked what is this feeling you say it's that chemicals in your brain(chemicals=feel(but feel is non existent because its chemicals which do exist). is it just me or is there something missing here. you can explain how we get the feeling but what it is or were it is you cant explain.. Now something else... how does the brain by producing chemicals create thoughts? How does the brain know what kind of chemicals and at
  4. You can look at it in another way. lets say that hypothetically humans found/recorded that an object fell from space to earth. Now when scientists recovered it they find a map of formulas that will turn knowledge upside down. By examining this formulas we will gain new levels of knowledge. Now suppose this scientist conclude that when particles got exposure to light, radiation, speed or something to that extant and blow up(!big bang!) it created this map. Now we are rational beings(or so we like to call our self, even though we don't always act so) and this theory should sound wrong(latest i
  5. yes im not the only one...the first one was almost to easy...but then paper two made me bend over...so to say
  6. wow..really..."slave"..if your parent cares more about you getting good grades and and excelling in school rather caring about you having fun at school, it dose not make you a slave. you parents can see that if you get education right now you will be able to have fun later instead of you going out with friend right now and then working you butt of for the rest of your life. so in essence you parents love you no matter if they nag you about you doing good in school or is they what you to take care of your self.
  7. I did my on Russian Seven Stringed Guitar and Vihuela from Spain. the sound are so similar but the era, style, even the form of the guitar are different. it was really fun
  8. thanks for posting..i will have to agree with you... i was thinking about this and this kinda got my attention..those mass killers, after doing so much crime wont they them self sick. Won't your brainshut off its conscience and that inside voice that tells you that this is right r that this is wrong. Won't that classafy as mentaly sick when you can't distinguish between good and bad?
  9. It maters greatly on the nature of the relationship you are in with this friend. Their are different types of friendships out there. For example my brother and I are friends and yes i would that a bullet for him but their are some people that are my friends but at the same time I would not risk my well being for theirs. also another factor that comes into play is how dangerous the enemy is. Less people would go into a gun fight but will jump into a fist fight even though both can end up with the same conclusion. Also something that can motivate you to jump in to a fight is the cause. Personall
  10. I am not one hundred percent sure but i think it already past. To the best of my knowledge the essays needed to be uploaded to IB website a month ago? But again I don't know for sure... i surely hope if you haven't yet turned it in yet that they will accept it. Good Luck
  11. i also just found this website and when i saw it I immediately thought of this conversation... it lasts for 90 sec and sometime that can be enough before you start some scary and big essay or something to that extent. It has the concept of slow music that is peaceful and graceful...http://thequietplaceproject.com/90seconds# please check this out and tell me how it works. In some way this is a form of meditation, it stops you for those 90 seconds from the hectic life and helps you forget your problems for some time...
  12. i think i just shed a tear...before IB I was like a dead fish flowing down the current, content with my life, but when IB was introduced. It gave me the shock of life forcing me to fight as i started my journey up the waterfall. haha having done that i'm ready to lay my eggs and die..
  13. something i wish that would be on this site is if we got notifications when someone quotes our post. when someone quotes it, it means they are speaking to me and i might what to reply..also if i answer someone i would like it if they knew!!! Please could you do this, it would help a lot..
  14. as an IB student you should be well rounded...meaning you should understand both systems haha
  15. ok, in my point of view meditation is waist of time...personally i would recommend for you to take a run, it increases blood flow to your brain, keeps you healthy, gives you a brake, and personally when i run i tend to not think about homework. Good Luck
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