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  1. It probably depends on the university, the course and your subjects, but I think the best way to find out is to email them and ask if they consider 5 6 7 to be an equivalent of 6 6 6. You will avoid a disappointment.
  2. Don't go for science just because someone tells you to, biology and chemistry are difficult subjects and require a lot of work, you won't get good grades unless you're really into them. And that's not for sure either On the other hand, think about what you wanna do in the future and do some research to find out what you need for that.
  3. I've just realised I'm 1% off a maths SL 7. They moderated our IAs 4 points down although I'm sure mine didn't deserve that... My life could've been so much easier with that one point more ;<
  4. Warsaw is certainly more international than other cities, but in my IB class there wasn't anyone who wouldn't have Polish as a first language but that's more likely in Warsaw I guess. Anyway, good luck with your search ;d
  5. There are courses in English in Poland, though some of them have high tuition fees. But some are free, I don't know anything about computer science though. And I heard about NYU abu dhabi (again, I don't know about the courses) that it provides a lot of financial aid, depending on your house income. NYU has unis in other countries too I think. Also, some British unis will give you a scholarship if you have good grades, but they're not the best ones. For example Kent's offers are at 33, and if you exceed 35 and go there, they'll pay you for it ;d Oh, and UCL had this need-based scholarship prog
  6. I think you don't need biology for uk, but yeah, it seems hard to get there. I just found out how much it costs to study medicine in English in Poland in my city... feels unrealistic, considering that the university and student accommodation that I live basically next door to doesn't look like it's worth that much ;d but it allegedly is a good university so...
  7. If you're taking chinese, you should probably ask your teacher how he feels about being your supervisor, because the EE simply has to be written in a particular way. If your teacher has previous experience with that and his students got good marks, you can do that. What levels of the languages you're taking?
  8. I think (based on what my supervisor told me, although turns out she was kind of a ****ty one ) that your RQ has to be in a form of question. Of course you can try to turn your topic about memory into a question, but think about where would your essay go, what answer you can give at the end, because that's what they expect you to do at the end-conclude from your research how to answer the RQ.
  9. I'll share mine too so that it didn't look like only 40+ is worth mentioning ;d HL: Polish A1: 6 English B: 6 Psychology: 5 SL: French ab initio: 7 maths: 6 biology: 6 psychology EE: C TOK: B Total: 37 I'm really dissapointed with psychology, because almost the whole class was predicted 7s, the exams seemed easy, and we ended up with 4s and 5s, which clearly shows my teachers incompetence (as happened last year too). I missed my Bath offer because of that but well.. hopefully they'll still let me in. I'm really happy with all the other grades though. I feel like I worked hard enough to get the
  10. My French seems to be A2 after 2 years of French ab initio in IB. So I think A2 is good enough for language B SL at most. Because you have to be able to read original books in that language and write long essays... I wouldn't go for German B HL if I were you.
  11. thanks for posting the question @flinquinnster. So I didn't see the history part at first, and I don't know what your subjects are, but what first came to my mind was schema theory, or any other cognitive psychology theory for that matter. Because that's how people are trying to figure out what knowledge is, how we acquire information, how we store it, use it, and lose it. But if there has to be history, you might wanna choose something that suits you more as the ther AOK.
  12. It'd also help if you posted the whole question and said if that's your essay or presentation or what.. Becuase that half that's in the topic seems interesting, and I think I could help.
  13. English B is enough for the UK universities, some of them only ask for 4 in it, so to make sure whether you need the additional exam or not, check with the unis you want to apply to.
  14. yeah both papers were simple for me, though some of the questions in paper 1 seemed weird.... don't remember which ones unfortunately I think I finished it in an hour. And for paper 2 I chose the sport event and the means of transport, also wrote much more that it was necessary, but hey, there was no limit so.. and I'm pretty sure I wrote a few words in English instead of French but they are sometimes soo similar... But generally I think I did well. I think last year grade boundaries were: 5 60-70 6 71-82 7 83-100 So a bit lower then for English B hl which for most of us is ridiculously easy,
  15. I'd say it's more like when you have good predicted grades and a grat personal statement, they may give you a lower offer ie be more flexible because they want you. But you'd have to be really great I think and that is only my own theory, basically like it was said, try to have both.
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