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  1. First of all, real wage unemployment, also referred to as classical unemployment, represents the view that unemployment is caused by trade unions and minimum wages interfering with the labor market. But I've heard that the power of trade union had deteriorated past few years and yet the unemployment rate kept getting higher in the UK. I think the best example of classical supply-side policies in the UK should be when Margaret Thatcher was the prime minister who was really against the power of unions and thus was very unpopular. (Although the Falklands War brought her back to fame) So, maybe th
  2. I agree with the previous posters that taking 4 HLs might be at disadvantage if it lowers your grade or creates more stress. And the benefits of taking 4HLs might be little to nothing, from what I have heard before. But, I am taking 4HLs right now and my grades aren't excellent but it's satisfying to me considering that it was only semester 1 grade. (Hopefully, I would improve! ) My subject choices are somewhat similar to yours except for the language and physics. English A1 Lit HL, History HL, Biology HL, Maths HL, Econ SL, Mandarin B SL. I've also gotten 6s and 7s in the MYP. But I have to s
  3. I've seen some IB alumni who had written excellent EEs which helped them to get into some of the prestigious universities. You can send the abstracts of your EE to some of the uni. And of course, doing well on EE and TOK should help you gain extra points in IB score. I'm sure other application factors such as GPA, extracurricular activities, personal statements, etc are also very crucial in application process, but doing well on EE could also help with the applications if it helps to show what kind of student you are and if what it shows matches with what the university wants from you. But I d
  4. I think it depends on what you enjoy learning better. Some of my friends chose History, because they didn't like Economics or Business-related stuffs. (Our school provides only three Group 3 Subjects: History, Econ, Business). And, you should try taking Math SL at first. If you feel like it's too difficult for you then you can go to Studies afterwards. But of course, you should also check the prerequsites for Psychology and the universities you want to apply for. From what I've just googled, in the US, what you take in IB doesn't really matter for Psychology major. But I think you need at leas
  5. Well, my econ teacher had given us a sample commentary as an example for us to see, and the person who wrote the commentary also did the same thing. So I don't think using footnotes would hurt your grade.
  6. All I know is that there are some math stuffs incorporated for the HL students. But my econ teacher says they aren't too difficult. 8th grade level math stuffs, he claims. But I'm in SL, so I don't need to worry about the math much. I'm using the new econ book with colors and cute comics in it. How about you all?
  7. Recently I've found an interesting book about introverts: Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain. Basically, what the author is trying to say is that introverts are undervalued in today's society. Here is a link about the book if you are interested: http://www.npr.org/2012/01/30/145930229/quiet-please-unleashing-the-power-of-introverts?sc=tw&cc=share I am also an introvert myself, I prefer to have fewer companions, but hanging out with large groups of friends is cool with me too. Like the previous poster suggested, I agree that in friendships, the q
  8. Ahh, we've done sequence and series, basic functions, mathematical inductions, complex nummbers, polynomials, binomial expansion, and logarithms, and now we're starting on probability. Until now, just basic algebraic stuffs. I feel like we're going really slowly too... I'm not spending enough time on maths. I've been only cramming for tests for the past semester and I feel the urge to fix that. I think I've been spending only 2 hrs on math everyweek. :l
  9. I like to turn my alarm clock on during weekends. It just feels so nice to be all panicking for 3 seconds thinking that I need to go to school, then realize that it's okay for me to sleep in because its weekends. I like tricking my brain. haha And, Ive just realized I wrote about 3,500 words for this insignificant English homework (answering 6 questions). What have I done. haha....
  10. Yeah, I think I have some idea what the pictures will be about. They will be based on the units we have learned so far. But, the thing is the vocabulary we've learned is sometimes not adequate to the picture. It's limited. For example, we learned a unit about natural disaster. There might be a picture of some people fleeing from flood, but I don't know how to say the word "escape" for example. So, how do we practice until perfection? If you don't mind, would you please share the website? I was desperately looking for it the other day, but wasn't successful. It was either just a program that w
  11. Hello, I'm having a Chinese oral this Wednesday and I am very worried about my tone in Chinese. I started learning Chinese in 9th grade which is considerably late compared to my classmates who had been studying Chinese for at least more than 5 years. Some even learned chinese for 10 years! I am probably at disadvanatage, but I took it because I felt like it was better to be good at one language than to be so-so at many different languages. Okay, I'm rambling too much. Haha. So, my main concern is the tone in Chinese. I am horrible with tones. How do we get better at speaking Chinese? Listen to
  12. That's story of my life. I plan everything before the break saying, "I'm going to be productive this winter break!!" Very determined. But I keep procrastinating and procrastinating, feeling guilty but enjoying the laziness! "Gahhh, it's christmas soon I'll do it later." "It's Chritmas today I'll do it afterwards." "It's new years soon I'll do it later." "It's new years now I should relax some more." Lol. My break is also only two weeks and a half long and two weeks have already passed by. Now, it's cramming time for me. Yay. What is life
  13. Do you even need to take 4 HL subjects? About your 1st question. Where do you want to study? For Law, at least in UK, any subject will be fine, so you should choose subjects based on bio-related course requirements. Group 3 are social science subjects, actually, I think you might want to take one more science subject but really, that depends on individual requirements of the universitites you want to apply to. If they only require Bio HL for bio-related courses, then it's fine. Nah, I don't need to take 4 HLs, it was just that I wasn't sure which HL subjects i should take. But, I think I got
  14. Hello, fellow IBers! Currently, I am taking: Biology HL History HL Math HL English A Lit HL Economics SL Chinese B SL I'm thinking of going for either law or bio-related science major for university. I'm still not sure.... 1. Would universities accept me for science major even if I chose only one group 3 subject? 2. Are my subjects rigorous, or are they doable? Do you think my subjects are too ambitious? Because, for my first unofficial progress reportcard I got 5s and 6s on my HL subjects and 4s on my SL subjects. They were pretty crappy and I was quite surprised. My average dropped immense
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