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  1. are there any universities in France to study in English and who can give scholarships(up to full)??? thanks
  2. Hello, I have to disagree that BM and DT are easy or soft subjects.. I have all three of those soft subjects( BM, ITGS, and DT) so I should probably know. Maybe ITGS is easy because those are things which someone who is interested in IT should know even before, but there is the other side of it. That "global societies", is so weird. I really dont like talking how the tech influence on people, and all of those ethical and social issues, which are number 1 to know in ITGS. I thought that I will be doing some programming or something else when I took ITGS, but now, I see it is the whole differen
  3. and how to draw again the function with the geenral formula for for example first part(tangent part)
  4. i have used sin regression and for the last one.. but how to do it analytically??
  5. oh, thank you very much now i have to do the same thing but sinreg for the next table? 1989-1997? and what regression to use for the last part?
  6. and this is what i got when i did cubreg for years 1980-1988.. is this possible? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/545/pokit3416a75f4cea910950a.jpg/
  7. and maybe i sound stupid now, but how to model function? what does modelling means?
  8. ok, and when i find a general formula for 1980-1988 with a,b,c,d which i found, do i have to do the sinreg now for the rest of function? if i get the other function, what do to next, in order to make a " final" model
  9. thanks desy, but what to do after i draw the whole function? i know, that first part is tangent function, second and third i think are sine functions.. what to do after that?
  10. hey brigadirsa, what is that cubic you are talking about? why cubicreg? and when i enter data from 1980-1988 and do cubicreg for L1, L2, i get values of a,b,c,d.. what to do with them? and why using cubic thing? thanks
  11. hello, how to plot these data with tech and get nice graph?? with GDC it doesnt looks nice(points) when I use graphing package from Book CD, i get dots, but i cannot zoom them properly..
  12. 186cm's maybe taller couple of cm's more sleeping every night from 10 pm - 8(sometimes 7) am. This means I sleep about 10 hours what is ideal for all teenagers, because of excretion of hormones.
  13. Asia 80 Africa - 99 Europe - 60 Australia - 61 1 points from africa for europe
  14. how good is columbia uni? i mean can you compare it with some other unviersity..
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