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  1. Hi, first of all how long have you been doing these CAS activities for? remember, you need at least one that is a long term activity (about 4 terms i think) and you need to have one or more activities that incorporate 2 or more of the creativity, action, or service requirements. for my Action, i go to the gym and i have got one of the personal trainers there to be my supervisor. you can train by yourself, but what you really need the supervisor for is signing your evaluation sheet. So, in answer to your question, you should be able to get one of those 'coaches' to be your supervisor, as long
  2. no, not really i did go to a party though. it's holidays so i deserved a break from homework. NP doesn't like tomatoes. :/
  3. i think that you should use 1st person in your introduction, as it's been advised for you to explain why YOU chose the topic that you've done and any other relevant information. for the process associated sections, it's probably best to not use 'I'.
  4. ok, so i'm worried about sounding completely stupid, but i'm doing my IA for Studies at the moment, and was going through my notes on how to do Pearson's, and realised how confusing they are. For the IA, is there anythng else we have to do besides making the contingency table, writing out the formula to show working and then calculating 'r'? I know you can do something regarding line of best fit, but at the moment i'm not sure whether i need to bother with that. An answer(s) would be really helpful! Thanks!
  5. ok, thanks. well the experiment was on global warming and testing temperature loss compared to how much carbon dioxide was in the air. we had bottles filled with carbon dioxide, plants, and normal air, but the temperature didn't really drop in any of them, some bottles' temperatures just rose more than others. but i figure i can explore the contradictions to global warming in my discussion and talk about improvements or future testing.
  6. i have just completed one of my experiments for my ESS IAs, and it appears that this experiment was a flop. i.e. my hypothesis turned out to be wrong (when i'm pretty sure that it should have been correct. ) in regards to IAs, if the experiment you do fails, does that effect the mark you will get for your IA, or is it irrelevant, as long as long as the process and results are well presented and a clear discussion is given? thanks!
  7. yes, i do, i like the fact they are funny and can make me laugh, while at the same time, i get to see something adorable that i like to pretend actually exists in reality! NP likes how i met your mother!!! :D
  8. i used footnotes in my commentaries (mainly because as a history student i find it the easy way to cite info) and i found that it worked better for me as my commentary was smoother and the word count wasn't used up. However, my teacher said that footnoting actually made the commentary a bit 'chunky' so i'm not really sure. i like Summer Glau's idea of using parentheses, as it is basically the same effect, without having to place the definitions outside of the main text.
  9. wow, people overseas seem to take the MYP quite seriously to where i came from! this may be because we were also marked against our local BOS and so no one really fussed over their personal project. a lot of people found the PP annoying, but i found it qite fun! the annoying part is the reflection, because at my school, there really wasn't much insight into why we had to do the PP in the first place.
  10. nope. not today. not whati would consider a cookie anyway. i had a couple of biscuits though. NP likes nutella
  11. yeah i probably would/do. But my laptop's broken so i haven't updated my iPod in about 3 months. NP likes slippers
  12. nup, there'd be no way i'd get a good ATAR without the IB. I honestly don't know how people can get into uni when they do the local hsc. :/ NP goes to the gym.
  13. almost exactly a month ago actually. wasn't fun (obviously). What time do you leave for school in the morning?
  14. we were told to put our weaknesses,limitations and improvements into a table. our teacher's pretty scary and she insisted that that was the way to present it in the evaluation.
  15. chyeah! Indie music for the win! have you heard of Darwin Deez?
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