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  1. I believe that it would explain Friedman's feelings against fiscal policies. The quote implies that the government wrongly uses abundant resources, making them limited and shaping society negatively.
  2. Hello, I know I've made a lot of posts regarding my subject choices, but this will be my last one!! Here's the story: I started out the year with Geography, it was good and the teacher super nice, but after I tried a History class I really liked it and I switched to the class. That was about two weeks ago (March-December school), but after some classes I realized that I knew a lot of the things that we're studying/will study in History, and that I was learning more about the world in Geography. Ideally I'd like to go to the Huntsman Program at UPenn after I'm done with the IB (http://huntsman.
  3. Well I don't take computer science, but my school's website has a bunch of previous EEs by Computer Science students, I'd be more than happy to email them to you
  4. As some have said, economics will be better down the road, it gives you a great perspective which might not be practical right then and there, but when combined with other classes at University you'll be able to master the business world Business and Management is great for a start right away, but there's only so far which a high school degree can take you...
  5. I've been taking Economics and it's a great subject, next year I'll be taking it HL, and yes, it might be a bit hard sometimes, but it's definitely worth it. Not only do most universities prefer it over Business and Management, but you also get plenty of credit if you take Economics HL (that's mostly in the US) My sister is taking Economics at a university level and she's always telling me how she's studying the same things as I am. So, if you want credit and to be ahead of the rest in college, I recommend Economics HL.
  6. Absolutely agree with the other, you're just going to burn yourself out, you're gonna just disappoint yourself because you're aiming to do too much, and when you realize it can't be done, you'll get that terrible feeling of failure. That feeling isn't the one you want so as to start with IB2. I'd suggest doing a few past papers but not too many, as you should save the majority for when the exams come up. Try doing your extended essay, finish up CAS, and maybe do an IA or two if possible. What I agree you could do, is get ahead on the reading, reading a book is never the wrong choice, but enjoy
  7. There's someone at my school taking Further Mathemtics, first person to do so. I imagine it must be insanely hard, as it doesn't get much harder than Maths HL...
  8. We've actually been discussing this in my English Literature class, with many of us arguing that it is literature for various reasons. The book has plenty of symbols and potential analysis, I've read a few reviews online, and some of the most respected book critics have hailed it as a potential classic; yes, the fact that it is an adult novel and the movie has created a "craze" for it, might create more and more people to say it's just a fad, but I believe that it can survive the test of time. In fact, our teacher is pretty open to out input and we've decided to study the first novel as part o
  9. Quick question about English A1: Literature, can my my I.O.P and EE (also A1) be about the same thing? Thanks
  10. Of course it counts, my CAS Projects is visiting an animal shelter two times a month, and a marine life protection centre once a month. People say it's not the same as bonding with people, but I'm really enjoying it and feeling a connection with the animals
  11. I'm not sure of how smart you are, your interests and devetion you have towards school, but from what I'm reading it seems as if you've chosen some pretty lightweight subjects; I personally think that ITGS, Music, Biology SL and Math Studies won't get you far with the admission committees at the universities you want to go. But it all depends on you, your capabilities and hopes for the future...
  12. In my country a whole lot of the population si Catholic, and being in an IB school, most of are of the upper-middle class, so yes, most of us are Catholics, though as the years progress I've been noticing that fewer people keep on being religious, but if you ask around, I think everyone will answer Catholic. There are some people at my school who follow other religions, but other schools in the area are purely catholic. I don't think being religious affects our lessons, it's just that some may be more harsh while debating towards their own point of view; others, such as me, like to keep an ope
  13. Granted, but your confidence from doing well in them makes you procrastinate and thus fail your real exams. I wish I could control my dreams.
  14. I'm not sure if you've already found it, but the syllabus can can be found on the General Downloads Section of this website, I think that with the books and the syllabus you'll be able to figure everything out, make sure to do practice questions and essays, my teacher has told my class that Globalisation is almost always asked, so good luck!
  15. I'd think that if you want to study physics at a university level, Maths HL and Physics HL would be musts, and they'd probably give you and edge (depedning on whatuniverisites you apply to). I'd definitely drop French B to SL, because seeing as you're taking the two hardest HLs (Maths and Physics), doing four HLs would just stress you out and lower your score. I wish you all the best of luck!
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