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  1. Big Bang? But then that creates the question: What caused the Big Bang... hmm...
  2. Yeah but if there was no god firmly implanted in their brains. Say Christianity was the first religion (I don't know what is, too lazy to do research on this), so before it there was no God or nothing. Then I come along and supposedly explain our existence with a creature named God. Since there is no "god implanted in their brain" at the moment, they accept my idea of God. Then would my talk make any sense? I dunno, I'm just spitting stuff out
  3. Well sometimes when I want to buy something expensive, I either: a) Don't want my parents to waste their money on something only I will be using b) Parents don't let me buy it So if I had a job, I can buy whatever I want guilt-free.
  4. Hmm the teacher hands out TI-83 Plus's for class work, but will I need to buy one for homework?
  5. Wow, I never thought of it like that. It's true though isn't it? But I guess this ties in to brain size.
  6. Obama. I listen to alot of hip-hop and rap, and one song was like foreseeing this. Changes by 2Pac Now maybe we are Ok, I know it's not a really good reason (it's a very, very bad one actually), but I can't vote anyways and I'm Canadian
  7. Abortion should be allowed, because if a baby was born to a teenage mother, it would probably be ruining the teenager's life. Maybe the teenager might even throw away the baby, causing it to suffer even more. The only way I would think abortion should not be allowed is if the fetus can actually feel pain when it is being killed off.
  8. I don't believe in God. Just seems way too "unreal" to me. I could easily talk about something named Terion and say he created the world with no proof. So I talk about Terion throughout my entire life, most likely I will have affected people. They will then affect other people, and this process will continue like dominos. 2000 years down, who's to say people won't think that this being called Terion actually did create the world? Did I make any sense?? :P
  9. What happens if instead of an 80 you got 40. What would your parents do?? Sure you may have learned to not use facebook as much, but this is only one incident. What I'm trying to say is, if you mess up once on a big project, like say get a 40 on a big test, your screwed for the whole subject. Shouldn't we get more than one chance? I dunno
  10. That's pretty crazy... but I don't think we need to worry too much about that. I doubt in any of our lifetimes we will even leave our solar system.
  11. I'm going for the Liberals, but I can't vote yet
  12. Just like a week ago, a school down the street from mine had a shooting. One person actually died =/. Don't have many details on it though.
  13. I will try the (10+2)*5 method for my upcoming essay
  14. I think about what happens if I fail. Aka, getting owned by parents.
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