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  1. Yes i grathered my data and have been working on graphing it in a negative exponent. It just doesn't seem to want to go that way unfortunately.
  2. miss mel


    Background Status: Caucasian female Country: Australia School Type: Private Anglican Academics: Scores: SAT I: M590CR720W650 (M=maths, CR=critical reading, W=writing) SAT II: Taking them soon..) GPA: Unsure. Guessing an unweighted 2.8 Rank: 8/200 (rank/class size) Senior year course schedule and predicted grades: Chemistry HL - 6 Physics SL - 5 Maths Studies - 7 English A1 HL - 7 Spanish Ab Initio - 6 History HL - 5 Extracurriculars: 1. Oaktree Foundation branch president 2. Field Hockey (varsity) 3. Softball 1st 4. Debating 1st 5. Mock trials (top 8 team/600) 6. Touch football (girls 1st) + C
  3. I loved The Great Gatsby, God of Small Things, Pablo Neruda, Gwen Harwood and Perfume. A lot of love for Keats, Orwell and Wordsworth as well.
  4. Thanks for your advice! I will pass on your advice to the warring sides of my class I did forgot to mention earlier that i'm a terrible physics student! So something more content based like Medecine and Drugs would probably be better for me, although i'm half sold on this easy sounding analytical stuff. If im going to be learning physics anyways, may as well put it to some use. Two birds with one stone and whatnot
  5. I'm just starting my IA now and its due in a few months but i want to make sure this topic area is OK before i put in too many man-hours. At first i was going to do a comparison of GDP and Geograhy but stats sort of freak me out and i know NOTHING about economics (wooo HL History!). In lieu of that i have decided to base my IA in probability, an area i appreciate much more and have a decent grasp of. My idea is to flip a coin 60 or 70 times for experimental data and then compare this to theoretical data. I will use the kai (?) squared test but the two other processes i am hesitant about. The s
  6. At my school IB is advertised as the elite thing to do and mostly this has been true. Its not the difficulty of similar courses either but the sheer amount of course along with the extracurriculars, ToK and EE that makes the IB much harder than our alternate. Here things are measured in units and you need to take a minimum amount of units to graduate high school. This is about 12 units. The equivalent of our SL english is 2 units and then you can take extension subjects e.g. taking extension 2 english means you have 4 units of english out of 12 in total. (Note: These conversions are estimated
  7. Don't study chronologically. Do as many practice exams as you can get your hands on (kind of hard now that FreeExamPapers.com has shut down..)
  8. HL English because my teacher is honeslty the most amazing man and our texts are beautiful, so i have really enjoyed both reading and learning about them. Then HL Chem because the numbers and the rules are all connected in the most lovely ways. It feels like i'm always solving a giant puzzle or riddle and i feel so elated when things just *click*!
  9. I wouldn't tell. Far be it from me to impose my ethics onto anyone else (they wouldn't go down very well) and i ask that people would be considerate enough not to impose their ethics on me either. I feel that the ramifications of their actions will come to them later when they get caught out and if they don't then why do i care? I should focus on myself, and me doing well instead of fixating on other people. Some people on this thread are so angry at cheaters, like they have been personally offended or spited. This is not so. Cheaters are just as worried as you are about the future, if maybe a
  10. Well i am the only one in my cohort (of ten) who has smoked weed/dropped tabs more than once (hehe way more...) and i am probably doing the worst, but its not due to a lack of cognitive function its more that i am the biggest procrastinator known to man! When i do my school work and study etc i get really good results so i don't think its the weed. However that being said i'm not a regular smoker, not because i'm morally opposed or anything but more because i would rather spend my money on other things and most other stoners annoy the crap out of me. I have smoked a couple times with one other
  11. A womans body is her own damn business. I don't know if i personally would ever have an abortion (or even children for that matter) but i would like a choice and its not up to anyone else to make that choice for me.
  12. You probably won't find out until around January of next year or if your applying for mid-year stransfer then you will find out in july (but this is only if you have already done half a year of study at uni already). The system here works very differently from the US and your final IB score is going to count the most. Now i'm from Sydney and in Australia we have slightly different education systems for each state (Syd- NSW, Melb- VIC) but i'm going to assume that its about the same. We get our final marks in December and then if you get a high enough overall score for a specific course they ha
  13. Thank you so much! This guide has been so helpful for writing my EE. Why can't teacher or IBO guide be as succint?
  14. My class will NOT stop arguing about the options we get to choose. We have a split between Modern Analytical Chemistry and Medecine and Drugs. We have half a class of physics students (half unwilling). So what i want to know is what options people have enjoyed the most and found easiest. Muchos gracias
  15. Well its summer where i am so, i learnt how to surf! But for winter you could do figure skating, or trapezeing is something im going to try because there is a place near me that does a ten week course. Just fun stuff
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