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  1. Its all about that #IB Bio HL life.Especially if your thinking to go into Medicine or Some Bio field in college.Also the labs are pretty fun (except for the write Up-got mostly zeros for the criteria but eventually you'll get the hang of it ).
  2. Also find the stuff on something YOU are interested in for example I did stuff on marijuana/weed/kush and it was a cinch.
  3. You should also have about 10 minutes of prep time (or praying/nap time if it is hopeless) before the description stuff.
  4. Same here,my IB music teacher teaches very little and shares the IB class with the junior IB music,us the senior IB music and some other instruments.Depending on how much you know before hand, (like 4 part harmony or basic chord structure) then go to online sources like http://music-theory.ascensionsounds.com/four-part-harmony-getting-started/.Good Luck
  5. In my school, since it is the first year we had the IB program, the band kids were forced to take IB band and I can tell you from personal experience, that you most likely will have to learn music theory which was torture on a whiteboard. Unless you are the music type, take IB psychology.
  6. Three(English,Spanish) and spanglish if were being honest.We all should add IB as an extra language. It took me a year and a half to learn what all the acronyms meant.
  7. Try asking for an extension on turning the EE topic, better to get yelled at for not working "hard enough" on the EE( personal experience) then to pick a topic that isn't "well though out enough".
  8. Hello, I'm trying to decide if this Knowledge issue (how do we know marijuana is harmful?) can do well in a tok presentation and if it needs to be changed. Any suggestions are welcomed.
  9. This will be my school's first year doing the IB program and my TOK teacher had trouble teaching and never clearly defined these two things.(What is a knowledge Issue? and What is a Way of Knowing? ) Thank You for your Comments.
  10. Just Take a break for a short time to reenergize yourself and continue to fight the good fight.
  11. I have always wondered how long it takes to write an Extended Essay with all of the research done before hand?
  12. I'm a senior in my School's first year in the IB program and I'm wondering what is the percentage of students that get their diploma out of the total class. In my IB class of 2013 we have a total of 32 students that have made it to their senior year .(including myself of course )We originally had around 45 kids our junior year but many kids either dropped it for AP classes due to the CAS , TOK, and EE requirements or were booted out due to low grades. Thanks For taking the time to answer this question.
  13. Here is the the 2nd to last draft of the Research Question (How did Wernher Von Braun's rocket technology influence the development of the U.S. space program during the Cold War?) Any Feedback is always appreciated
  14. Is it really that easy to go over 4000 words because to me it feels like 4000 words is more than enough?
  15. Good Question. Hadn't though about that that much. The period will be from 1945 to1975,I will describe the effect he had on The US space program and I will be focusing on the Apollo program and possible if I can fit it, the effect on the Soviet Space program which will focus on the R-7 Sem Rocket which launched Sputnik. Thank You For your advice .
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