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  1. Some of my classmates have part-time jobs. I got one myself in December, and so far so good. I think it really depends on how flexible it is, and how many hours they give you - 8 hours seems doable. Hopefully they'll let you have days off if, for example, in a certain week you have a bunch of tests.
  2. Heading to Dartmouth College, and don't know what I'll study yet but that's ok!
  3. Perhaps "mythology to symbolize blablabla" and narrow down what symbols you want to actually analyze? Sounds like suuuch a cool topic
  4. Business SL is considered the easy course at my school (only other choices - Geography HL and history HL)
  5. Good ideas, other than driving (come on, are you going to build up a sweat driving? ) At my school, supervisors aren't NECESSARY. For example, if you were training for a marathon, there's not really anyone who should properly supervise you. As long as reflections, questions, etc are done properly, unsupervised activities count.
  6. If you have a bike, try taking that up. Just bike everywhere you go, so you don't have to set aside time for "action" and instead just incorporate it into your daily life. Works for me
  7. I think for the original RQ you would need to specify one (or perhaps two) NGO's, since the paper is supposed to be super focused. If you pick two NGO's anyway, choosing one in an MEDC and one in a LEDC would be convenient and that way you can compare both the NGO's and the country (such as how it cooperates, its own laws, etc)
  8. Agreed with the math. I took Math SL, just needed to review with a SAT II book and cover the ellipses/circles stuff. With HL, you should be even more comfortable
  9. It used to be a pilot program. Now it's open and officially an EE subject area
  10. I turned down my acceptance but I regret it a bit. It actually does not need to cost 3000. I was offered both bursaries and financial aid, and shad only wanted me to pay a bit over a thousand. Apparently my school district also offers a bit for shad students, and as my school usually sends a group over every year (the alumni love to advertise) they fundraiser together. Some people have paid nothing, for a four week experience.
  11. Ones being held in Vancouver this year, and so I would easily be able to attend. But what do people do or learn at these conferences?.. It's not as expensive as some other summer programs but it does still have a hefty cost. Thoughts?
  12. 2250 from December and retaking this spring. M 790 CR 730 W 730 (essay 8 :'( and only one question wrong) I'm content with my score for math and cr but I think I can improve on writing, so I'm going for that 2300+ to improve my chances at those top schools *crosses fingers*
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