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  1. Thank You All but yeah i would've created a survey website, but forgot about that option, thanks anyway
  2. Hi, I've got my internal now in math and would really appreciate it if you could answer some very simple questions, it would greatly help my internal, thanks 1. How do you travel to school? Walk/Bike/bus/train/car 2. How often are you late for the morning classes per week? 3. And about how many minutes?
  3. yeah im doing mine now too, on Nixon, the president who was at the end to the war, It was Lyndon B Johnson who was responsible for the escalation of the war, you could have a question like to what extent was johnson responsible for the escalation of the Vietnam war? Reasons to why he was and why he wasn't. Look at his policies and what he did to escalate the war, and then you could look at other factors, like due to the deep involvement in the war, the escalation was necessary to win the war, but keep in mind that US did not win the war, Nixon's policy of Vietnamization was to transfer the res
  4. Does anyone recommend any good books for referencing and studying concerning Nixon's policies in the Vietnam War? And possibly what policies to look at? And if there are any reliable websites for info on Nixon? Thanks
  5. ok thanks a lot this helped me quite a bit
  6. Is there any bias in economics? I couldn't find any concrete examples..
  7. This is my prescribed title as well, i'm using history and economics, does anyone have any examples of bias and selection in economics?
  8. ah i see what you mean, but yeah thanks for pointing that out, ill fix that
  9. They are valid knowledge issues but please bear in mind that the main knowledge issue is in the title of the ToK essay. Once you have extracted the main kowledge issue from the title your aim is to answer such a knowledge issue throug the use of claims, counter clams, evidence and personal perspective. ok thanks a lot for the feedback
  10. Ok so I'm writing my ToK essay right now, just came up with these knowledge issues and was wondering if these really are knowledge issues and if I can use them for my essay. They are concerning history and economics in relation to bias and selection. 1. Are historians views as subjective as economic laws/theories? 2. Is it easier to attain knowledge in history than that of Economics? 3. Is history more prone to bias and selection than economics?
  11. Selection is stated as the act of choosing or selecting a preference; resulting in a carefully chosen and representative choice. You could maybe find it in history through the different ideologies, the different views that are usually presented in history, you could compare two different views and you'll definitely find stuff one view has that the other doesn't, that can also show the bias. In nat sciences i guess you could look at the different theories, check out evolution, im not entirely sure but thats where i'd start but then again i don't take any nat sciences except for env. sys.
  12. I would definitely not tell, i'm not a cheater but if someone can pull it off, let em have it. Especially if it was my best friend, i mean you should be happy for him, by cheating you don't learn so eventually if he keeps it up either it'll catch up to him and he won't be able to keep up in the future or he'll somehow learn to adapt. My brother cheated a lot, he was a pro cheater but he wasn't able to keep up with everything else cause he always cheated, i mean eventually its gonna hit you and it'll hit you hard, but just don't tell, then you're going too low, focus on urself and just study to
  13. Perfect university for journalism and with awesome weather? well i know a few...but in the US: Loyola Marymount university Chapman University UCLA Texas Christian university Texas A&M The top 3 are in Los Angles. And if you don't mind the heat...then the last 2 should be great. Sweet, thanks, ill look into them carefully, hope i meet their requirements
  14. Ok so I take a great interest in Journalism, Hunter S Thompson is my hero. I plan to pursue his route but I need to find a good university to motivate me to study harder. It doesn't matter what country this university is in as long as its not anywhere dark and cold and rainy... like England. I believe inspiration comes a great deal from the environment ur set in. Does anyone have any suggestions for any good universities around the world for a good education on Journalism?? I need to apply soon so any help would be much appreciated.. Thanks PS dont have anything against England, just that i'v
  15. yeah i take Economics HL and math studies, my friend did the same thing last year, he's studying in US right now, it just depends on which universities ur gonnna apply to, and i also plan on studying in the states
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