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  1. Definitely psychology HL - it's fun and with enough effort you can score a good grade.
  2. It all depends on the teacher... For me, Spanish ab inition is one of the hardest (if not the hardest) subject...
  3. If you decide upon that idea, I'd strongly suggest reading the book: Viktor E. Frankl - Man's search for meaning. Very good book from a very famous psychologists, one of the dudes that coined positive psychology
  4. Ok guys, I need help with paper 3 in psychology. My teacher explained it pretty well, but I'm still stuck with some questions. How do you shape the answers and what should we take care of while we write the paper. Also, the criteria says that we should rely on the stimulus material, but not too much, what is too much?!
  5. I'd be Division black op, or whichever job Amanda has... I'd be Division black op, or whichever job Amanda has...
  6. I'm in United World College in Mostar - it's IB DP school.
  7. EE in Psychology: Criminal violent behavior in adulthood as a consequence of experienced physical abuse in childhood.
  8. Of course it's ethical and natural. If we weren't supposed to eat meant, our organ structure would be completely different. And if I went between lions completely stripped from anything unnatural - meaning having no clothes or anything for protection, they'd definitely eat me. Therefore I have no problems in eating meat - completely fine and natural...
  9. 4 downloads

    Review of an article on dreams that was issued in Scientific American: Mind. This was assigned psychology homework.
  10. Version 1.0


    Notes and presentation on the part of the blue book (IB psychology course companion by Oxford) - sociocultural level of analysis, prejudice.
  11. Version Final draft


    ABSTRACT: Aim of this experiment was to investigate the effect of leading questions on the memory, simply put – how wording of a question can trigger cognitive processes which will modify one’s memory information. This experiment was a replication of the study conducted by Loftus and Palmer (1974). In the experiment the independent variable (IV) was the wording of the questions: “Please estimate the speed of the cars when they contacted/crashed into each other?” and “Was there any broken glass when cars or contacted/crashed into each other?” The dependent variable (DV) was the estimation of sp
  12. Hot because of good profile pic
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