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  1. If you mean human reaction time then it is something like 0.3 s or whatever the uncertainty of the stopwatch was (i.e if the unc. of the stopwatch > unc. of reaction time which is not very likely), otherwise if you're using some kind of equipment the manual will have the uncertainty.
  2. Bleh, I agree that the topic isn't very applicable to physics. The only thing I found was from an Oxford Journal, http://pcp.oxfordjournals.org/content/44/3/262.long. Sepal and cell color measurement of hydrangea: In the past flower petal color was measured first using the opal glass transmission method (Saito 1967) and subsequently (Asen et al. 1971a,Asen et al. 1971b, Asen et al. 1975) and his group (Stewart et al. 1975) reported micro-spectrophotomeric measurement with peeled epidermis. It is also possible to use the integral sphere as a reflection spectrum. However, petal color tone could
  3. This is wrong, you can only use works studied and registered as your Part 3 works. Using works which isn't a part of your Part 3 works will cause the examiner to penalize your work. The info is from the English Literature Course Companion for 2013 examinations.
  4. I've had Pearson Baccalaureate (way over simplified, but nice pictures), Giancoli (more extensive than Tsokos, and not really an IB book) and Tsokos (which I personally think is the best). Imo, use Tsokos for all information and then practice on real exam papers and do all the B part questions in P2.
  5. Thanks for making and distributing them for free, very much appreciated!
  6. Generally it is unappreciated on this forum to ask for research questions without bringing your own suggestions. If you have any more specific proposals/ideas please post them and we'll gladly try to help you to improve on them.
  7. I would be very careful with choosing a topic in an interdisciplinary field such as biochemistry, an EE will only be graded on material which is directly related to your chosen (registered) science, the IB is very clear about this. Excerpt from the EE guide for 2013: "Although similar assessment criteria apply to all extended essays in the experimental sciences, for a biology extended essay, the topic chosen must allow an approach that distinctly relates to biology. Where a topic can beapproached from different viewpoints, the treatment of the material must be clearly biological. For example
  8. Unless you do your EE in a language subject other than English, i.e Thai Language and Literature in your case, it has to written in English. Unfortunately I think the same thing applies to ToK essay and presentation. I started my Chemistry EE a couple of weeks before the summer break (May-June 2012) and finished my final draft yesterday, working over the summer holidays helps a lot as you can finish it early on in your second year and be able to focus on IA's, ToK and Exams. And as "IB Failing" mentioned, planning is key when doing the IB.
  9. The mathematics of Rubik's cube is based on group theory which is based on abstract algebra which I don't think you don't read until uni. I believe that unfortunately many interesting EE topics in math are above the level which is taught in the IB and it requires you to study mathematics on a completely different level. Don't get me wrong, it is definitely doable but learning a whole new way of thinking in mathematics is hard work and very discouraging unless you're really interested in mathematics. Sudoku, although it uses numbers to solve it, it has little to do with numbers and could just a
  10. ^agreed Interesting read about if policies can increase birth rates made by the OECD (Organisation for economic co-operation and development). http://www.oecd.org/dataoecd/6/57/39970765.pdf
  11. Hi again! Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate it. I found a way to complete the lab with the use of school lab equipment (spectrophotometry) so I went and talked with my supervisor and basically I asked the same questions. She agreed that the essay was not optimal with the equipment available, she wanted me to continue with the lab, trying one or two samples with easier methods to see if the product I get is pure enough to use for spectrophotometry, otherwise she suggested me to change. I still have quite a lot of time to change, but it will be more stressful nevertheless. I will find
  12. Hi fellow IB:ers! I'm in a position where I don't know if the extended essay I chose is manageable, and I wanted some opinions on if it's worth to keep the topic or to change it. The subject is still not registered, so I still have the opportunity to change topic aswell as subject. (Doing Chemistry Math and Physics HL) I decided and was approved by my teacher to do my extended essay in Chemistry with the topic: "Investigation into methods for extraction of the compound Salicylic Acid from the Meadowsweet plant (filipendula ulmaria)." I researched the compound aswell as the plant, and it seemed
  13. Eldest son of Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-nam (infamous for getting caught in Japan with a fake passport and supposedly on his way to Disneyland Tokyo). Anyway his son is currently doing the IB in Bosnia-Herzegovina. And btw, Kesha dropped out of the IB at 17 :|
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