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  1. Yeah, I just want to write about H2G2 - probably the best book I've ever read.
  2. What role does The Hitchhiker's Guide to to The Galaxy play in enriching the story of the Hitchhiker Trilogy? I'm obviously referring to the fictional encyclopedia and it's context to the book series. I essentially want to talk about how all the cross-references and the sheer immensity of so much of the information contribute to creating a sense of awe and wonder in the reader and how it enhances and enriches the universe of the novels even though the readers never see most of the places mentioned in the Guide. Does it seem like a doable, A - class topic?
  3. What are you smoking mate? My friend once got 150 hours of action in a month (basketball tournaments). Broke the school CAS record for the whole 2 years by about 700 hours. He's the only person I know to have ever reached the magical 1000 total hours (though to be fair it was 50 service, 100 creativity and about 850 action)
  4. 93 downloads

    This file is probably available for free elsewhere, but it's extremely useful. It's a collection of basic vocabulary that will not only help French Ab Initio students, but should also help French B students who're a little shaky with their basics. What are most useful (in my opinion) are the tables that teach one how to convert common English words to French and vice versa
  5. This question may come across as a tad stupid, but having noticed the fact that IB uses American English in its papers, I couldn't help but wonder if British English is acceptable. All my spellings are British and my manner of writing tends to be slightly more quaint than my American counterparts. Edit: Typo
  6. I think that the parental impulse causes most peoples' parents to love them in some way or the other. The main difference is in how this love is shown to the child. In my case, it's shown by over-protectiveness and coddling; thus, at times it feels like my parents hate me.
  7. Ethics is one of the most subjective AoK's for the simple reason that ethical norms have varied in different cultures across the centuries and resulted in conflicting opinions. The path that ethics take when developing is often convoluted as is the case in India. As the country from whence Kamasutra came and as the country with the second largest population on earth, one would expect society to be somewhat relaxed and open about sex and sexuality. Instead, the very word 'sex' is taboo and children are never given 'the talk'. The primary WoK that affects people's opinion on homosexuality is emo
  8. Well, if we merely proved the existence of god or some other deity but not it's identity it would only serve to increase religious furore. Every religion would claim to be the 'correct' way to reach god and claim that its particular god is the one that exists. Essentially, all religious organisations would be arguing about the same things as they do today i.e. which religion is correct. Similar to today, even if the existence of god were explored and research was done into god's nature, religious fanatics would still find reason to discount science and claim that their religion is the only gos
  9. Grape gape gap rap raw row crow cow caw cat scat seat heat beat beast yeast yeas year rear near sear smear swear sweat sweet sweep weep wep web wet yet yen yes yews Jews pews peas seas sets bets pets jets nets lets less mess fess fest feast beast yeast least last past part park perk pork work wok wonk conk coak cork cord core bore bare dare ware wore word ward bard yard hard card car cor cot coat boat boar bear beard heard herd herb her herd head had hard card cord cork dork dark dart fart fat fad dad dads pads pats pass piss kiss hiss his sis sir sit bit bits hits sh.its ships skips slips lip
  10. As best as I understood it, we simply need to expand our conjecture to include this contingency and then (if necessary) prove whatever expansion has been made. Finally, if possible, one should also expand the conjecture to include all equations of the form z = a + ib
  11. krakaton


    Background: Asian Male (Not America citizen/green card holder) Country: India School Type: **** IB1 Current Grades Maths HL - 6 (missing a 7 by 1 percent, can definitely get one) English A SL - 7 French B SL - 7 Physics HL - 7 Chemistry HL - 7 Economics SL - 7 Not sure about TOK/EE, but I think I should be able to manage a 2 or 3 I'm looking at between 43 and 45 points total SAT I - CR800 M790 W710 (I'm working towards a better writing score though) SAT II - None yet, shall give Maths I, II and Chemistry on May 5 and I expect 770+ in all three TOEFL - Not yet, but I'm sure I'll sail through.
  12. Cold Turkey: The Free Productivity Program LIKE A BAU5 This program will destroy all procrastination - it has all these triple-failsafe feedback loops, so once you start it, no internet except sanctioned sites - you can't get around it unless you're a Computer Science HL student (and god knows there aren't too many of those). Just try it out and see how much time you save.
  13. This thread opened my eyes - in my school EVERYONE is a stoner to some extent (except the people getting more than 36/42). But that's the funny bit - and, if I may, the awesome bit. I'm getting 41/42 (with the last 7 on it's way) which is the highest in my grade and I'm also know as one of the biggest stoners. Go figure I guess. But I think that if it's kept recreational and if you only do it after finishing work (like me) or before a creative essay/ToK (like me) then it's not a problem at all - in fact it helps reduce stress levels etc.
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