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  1. Okay guys my teacher just told me she contacted an IB Chem examiner she time ago and solved the issue... He just to me about this and it happened like two weeks ago Thanks again
  2. Ok so far I got every combination of answers possible.... Teacher and first reply says round first. Sasanne says round second. You say don't round. Hmm...
  3. Actually my teacher told me to do the first Isn't it amazing that everyone is giving different answers and its like everyone is acting so confident about what they are talking about? This is confusing....
  4. Thanks. Can anyone confirm this?
  5. Hey! I have a doubt about relative uncertainties in the internal assessment... If you have to divide two values with one another. Say A/B. A has an uncertainty of 13.7% and B has an uncertainty of 4.1377%. I heard that the uncertainty must be rounded to one significant figures. So does that mean rounding them before giving 10%+4%=14% or 13.7%+4.1377%=17.8377% then rounded to 1 sig fig giving 20%? I would really appreciate any help. Thanks
  6. I never heard of any software that are "ok" or "not ok", it doesn't matter to be honest... as long as you do a large part of the work and not let the software automatically generate the whole project!
  7. Don't worry... with hard work you could score as high as a 6... I even dare to say 7 if you work ridiculously hard and like make ITGS a mundane part of your life that will remain with you even after you finish the IB Diploma.... :-) Are you taking it in Higher Level or Standard Level?
  8. For ITGS, aim for level 7.. nothing wrong with being too ambitious and aim to be among the less than 2% who would get the level 7.... More importantly, don't take heed from people who are content with level 5.... they suck... you're better than that...
  9. I would disagree.... if you love tech that's great, but if that is the only incentive you have then go to Computer Science, not ITGS... The reason is simple, yes, we do explore different devices and technologies in ITGS, but one of the main things is the IMPACTS of these devices on society and the social and ethical considerations that they pose, not just these devices and how they work...etc Do your research before joining the course.... statistically less than 2% received a level 7 in ITGS HL in 2008... Good luck
  10. Hi I am having some trouble understanding the complexity criteria for the ITGS project.... The one thing that completely blew my mind is the following (I tried searching the internet for it but I couldn't): -Links to underlying data (for example, mail merge) What does it mean, and how am I supposed to do it? Thanks in advance
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