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  1. You can check the GMT-time from the candidates.ibo.org -> results, I can't give you the exact time because they have given different times for each school so that they don't get their servers crashed by everyone logging in at the same time Congrats for everyone, your results are depressingly good
  2. I said that the lower monocyte count in blood with the placebo meant that the monocytes had left blood to the infected tissue and differentiated to macrophages. Whereas the drugs decreased the immune response so that while the number of monocytes in blood increased, they didn't find their way to the infected tissue to fight the infection and therefore postponed healing. Don't know if that was a right interpretation then...
  3. I think that I answered correctly to the first question of P2 after all, but I had constant doubt that I had understood it incorrectly. Normally the data analysis questions have been really easy for me, but this was quite confusing. I couldn't remember name of those plant cells and I found that kind of question to be quite irrelevant... +The essay questions weren't the best for me... The paper 1 was quite easy, though I made a stupid mistake by claiming heterotrops to be plants... Don't know what I was thinking
  4. It seems to have surprised all of us that the Stalin's rise to power was in both papers, but it was bad luck for me as I didn't study that enough thoroughly that I could have picked that question. I answered to the Balkan nationalism, Appeasement policy and Italian unification question, but my opinion is that they narrowed the scope in these questions too much.. Especially with the Italian unification, which was my worst essay! What did you guys say about the contributions by the other powers except help from France and Prussia? Otherwise the paper 3 was ok, but didn't get any perfect questio
  5. Haha, that's exactly same what happened to me It's so frustrating when you forgot something so simple and then cannot finish the question. Nearly all students from my school felt that the Paper 1 was very easy and the Paper 2 was quite hard.. So I don't know yet what I'm going to get...
  6. I did the Astrophysics and Medical physics, and I think they weren't that hard after all. There just were some questions that I couldn't get the right answer even though I thought I knew how they should have been done. Hopefully I'm going to get at least a 6
  7. Now that it's well over 24 hours since the Paper 3, any comments on that one? I didn't have time to complete the last question but otherwise I think I got most of the others right. Except that I fell to the trap on the question that asked to discuss the result in reference to the Lagrange's theorem, I understood right after the exam that it didn't follow the theorem but of course I wrote the wrong answer on the exam... (Edit: I did the Sets, Groups and Relations option)
  8. I think I aced the probability question in part B, but then I had only something like 10 minutes left for the two last questions. I decided to try the vector question first, which was a mistake as I waste so much time on the row reduction and still didn't get it right and then I didn't have any more time for the last one, which I in fact would have been able to do... But anyway I think it was ok. Paper 3 coming tomorrow, so good luck for everyone!
  9. Why has the topic about HL-Math P1 disappeared? The 24 hour -rule was respected, so I can't see any reason why it would have been deleted? Fair enough, forgot it was GMT
  10. There was so much points on the complex number questions, nearly 40 points altogether!! And because I didn't manage to get the one in the B-sections I'm going to lose many points on that one. But I did most of the A part and maybe half of the B part, so if I didn't do other mistakes it was probably 5 or 6, although I'm hoping for 6 Ps. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=365114600203588
  11. No one had Finnish yet Moi / Hei = Hi Hyvää huomenta/päivää/iltaa = Good morning/day/evening (formal) Or then without the first word: huomenta/päivää/iltaa (slightly more informal) Moikka / Heippa = Bye (informal) Hauska/mukava tavata = Nice to meet you (formal) Mitä kuuluu (formal)/ Miten menee (informal) = How are you?
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