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  1. Gooooddaaay, I've got myself an ESS SL one, and it has certainly helped me.
  2. You're missing beautiful, beautiful things, my friend. Beautiful indeed...
  3. Walter Moers, The City of Dreaming Books.
  4. Granted, but you hang out with too many rockers and you spiral down into a life of drugs and prostitution . I wish to change the world in good ways.
  5. haha yeah I was thinking about how I was going to work my subjects in without being all ironical and that, I'll just quickly edit it
  6. Hi, topic title says it all I think. I would like your suggestions on subjects to do at uni. I've been told by my head of sixth a few weeks ago that, based on my report and my ALIS test, if I wanted to, I could get in to Cambridge or Oxford. And he asked me to think about what I would like to do at uni, because he knows that I don't know what I want to do as a job or at uni. I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to knowing stuff about unis. I very much enjoy languages, but what career options does this give me? Music and dance are pretty much my life, but that's something that will always be a
  7. Jellyio

    The Oxbridge Guide

    Are the links broken for other people as well?
  8. We're currently doing Renaissance in Italy, which is purtyyyy interesting, didn't think I'd be in to it as much as I am, I didn't realise it was so much more than art! I also went out to buy Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood, because it has a lot of references to the Renaissance, as it is based in that period.
  9. Good point, but then I think of Twilight, Product of a dream apparently .
  10. No doubt that it is interesting, but I can't help but associate inspiration with 'cheating'. Not in the literal sense, when one copies a wall of text and claims it as their own, but more in a sense of you're using something that's not your own. I'm not 100% sure how to explain... But it's like an artist taking drugs for inspiration for lyrics or for his or her painting. It's using something that's not inherently yours ( like a talent for something) and manipulating that something in to something that is yours.
  11. Yo Mo, I'm from Belgium,where French is the second language (after Flemish),but I am studying the IB at Sixth form in Cambridge now. In my opinion, 5 words isn't a lot,in French standard class ( I do HL though) our homework always includes up to 10-15 words we have to memorise and test ourselves on in class,we are given a specific subject or theme and are instructed to look up X number of words associated with these subjects/themes. This really helps cause you look up and translate the words yourself instead of having a book just telling you how it is, I found that it helped me memorise the wo
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