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  1. Every year IB compiles the list of books that are available for the programe and your teacher(s) choose the ones they think are the most useful and full of themes, etc. So ask your teachers or coordinator!
  2. Econ, but I didn't really care for it, just let it be. My supervisor turned out to be..., well out of my weak B I got a D, and my friend from strong A prediction got C, so...
  3. I would reckon that it would be easier to use something as has the situation changed from mono to oligopoly? I was writing my EE in uemployment and it was pain in the ass, and completely useless and I wish I had a simple easily answerable question with clear definitions to be stated Just my input though, good luck (;
  4. we don't have psychology, but I think it's economics without numbers - all social sciences in IB have the same "you need to bs your essay" formula (except for History, I guess you need actual knowledge there;) so I would think about that. it would be supposedly easier than history, that's for sure. geography is also an easy choice, I regret not taking it, even though I suck at mapping things, because it really is economics without numbers (just like psych, psych I guess it's like geo/econ with lots of tok : D) what IS your school offering then?
  5. have you had your mocks? sorry, no idea how canada/us admissions work but if you didn't have your mocks they may lower your predicted grades (:
  6. depends, geo & econ are seemingly easy, but if you have access to dt and all that "diluted" subjects, it's worth considering ps you don't really have may 2013 session, do you?
  7. ugh, colouring (or geo) is 6742541254 times easier and less ****ed up than ib history, speaking from all my friends' experience (I'm happy econ hl) but it's not worth 1500$ that's for sure I would choose lang ab initio (french? spanish?) or is chinese ab initio already? if so it's really unlucky you can't take econ sl I see by the syllabus that new Computer science course is quite easy, maybe that?
  8. I applied to Glasgow & St. Andrews with Studies and got offers, so... (:
  9. my friend applied to Edin Uni for Architecture and was turned down due to not having VA HL even though it was not listed as a requirement
  10. It's 200-300 words dude, I wouldn't introduce any new arguments. And remember that in reflection you have to answer 3 questions: what you found surprising (and why does it exist) and what a German person can find surprising.
  11. I agree with the statement that it doesn't need to be too narrow. My topic was "Eroticism in Leśmian's poems" and my teacher said it was fine - my presentation itself narrowed it down to what I intended to focus on
  12. if by IOP you mean internal oral presentation or smth, yes, it should be based on the literary work from appropriate group (on sl you have 3 books to choose from) and to my knowledge, it's best if you base your work on scietific sources (analysis by lit experts, etc) more than on searching "common themes" with other books and the statement doesn't feel right syntax-wise in the first place (: how about Motif of non-conformity as a way of juxtaposing two societies - WS & R - in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World?
  13. To what extent and by/with what stylistic devices (literary tools?) does Ibsen use common themes, such as society's expectations and decait and denial in his portrayal of characters in Ghost? seems better, but still for me the subject should be general and then in introduction you should narrow it down i don't follow though - there is no world lit paper in lit & lang, it's only in lang a: lit...
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