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  1. Hello everyone, Due to the new 2013 syllabus, does anyone know of any 'specimen papers' for this new formatting of exams? I am especially concerned about the formatting of Paper 2. I hear that there will be six questions only on the new format. Will these questions be categorized into sections such as 'Drama', 'Poetry', etc (as on the old format). Thank you for any responses !
  2. Thank you everyone for your responses¡ I now understand which options I am allowed to do. Thank you ¡
  3. Hi everyone, I am having some confusion with the selection of Option Units for HL Bio and HL Chem. According to the 'Biology for the IB Diploma' textbook (by C.J. Clegg), there are such things as 'HL only', 'SL only' and 'SL and HL' Option units. However, when looking at my Pearson Baccalaureate textbook for HL Chemistry, there does not appear to be any categorizations of the options unit. My question is: As an HL student, am I not allowed to write these so-called 'SL only' Options? For instance, I wanted to do Human Nutrition (Option A) and Evolution (Option D) for Bio. According to the Cleg
  4. Hello, Can someone please help me out: For Paper 3 in HL Math, HL Bio, and HL Chem, how many options do you select? Through forums and looking at past Paper 3's, I found that you must select two options for HL Bio and HL chem, and one option for HL math. My dilemma stems from the fact that my bio and chem teacher have both only taught one option (Evolution for bio, meds/drugs for chem). Any recommendations as to which options are the most easy? Thank you !
  5. I agree with the above ^ Most of the IB students in my cohort who want to become doctors usually take the following: HL bio, HL chem, HL english, and SL psychology. Keep in mind that this is just a trend amongst students at my school. Goodluck choosing your courses
  6. Hi, I have selected Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut and Generation X by Douglas Coupland for my English extended essay. Do you think these two books are considered "well known"? My worry is that examiners would have already read many essays on these texts, thus deeming my essay unoriginal. Thank you !
  7. Hello, To those who have done this portfolio, how many pages was yours? To those who are currently doing this portfolio, did your teacher give you a page/word limit? How many pages do you expect to have? My teacher gave us a ten page limit... but I am worried this may not be enough pages. Thanks !
  8. Cats

    ITGS papers 2012

    Hmm.... Quick question: for the speed of download of the 12MB image question, is the answer supposed to be expressed in sec or min? Or does it not make a difference?
  9. Cats

    ITGS papers 2012

    For the 12MB/240kbps, I got 400 sec ... So roughly 6.66 min? Paper one wasn't so bad! But time went by so quickly Goodluck on paper two tmr everyone!
  10. Hello everyone, This may seem like a silly question: do you think having bad handwriting on an IB exam will penalize your mark in any way? (i.e. the person who marks the paper will ignore all illegible writing). Also, what is the "correct" way to cross out words on an IB exam? I have been told that we are only supposed to cross out words with a single line. However, yesterday was my first time writing an IB exam, and I panicked and scribbled out words I didn't want. Was this a bad thing to do? Thanks.
  11. Cats


    3) join ITGSopedia group on Facebook. Check out the stuff that the people keep posting. 4) Go http://itgsopedia.wikispaces.com and go through your entire syllabus. Understand the keywords. USE WIKIPEDIA. I CANNOT STRESS ON THIS ENOUGH. IT IS THE ULTIMATE RESOURCE FOR UNDERSTANDING EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING. 5) Read sample papers with the marking scheme. It will show you how to write good answers. Thanks for the tips! I tried looking for the Gift of Fire at my local library and school library, but no luck. Anyways, do you know if the download links are safe? Thanks !
  12. But it's not concerning the presentation, it's a journal. I think the KI is fine for a journal, but you should focus more on explaining the implications, real life examples and limitations of your KI than actually answering the question with precision. In TOK all you should do is offer your perspective regarding the question; answering it and coming to absolute conclusions is not a good idea. Knowledge issues can be broad or direct. However it is a good idea to introduce some sort of focus to your question, or explain it later in your journal. Remember TOK is about knowledge and obtaining it,
  13. Hello, Below is a knolwedge issue I though of for a TOK journal about sense perception. The topic of the journal is Galileo's "The tickle is not in the feather". I want to relate this quote to perceptions of reality. However, I feel that this knowledge issue too general, and overall just not a strong enough. Any tips as to how I can strengthen it? To what extent is certainty of reality obtainable through sense perception?
  14. Hello, I apologize in advance if this question has been asked before. (I tried searching the forums and internet for answers, but none has given me the answer I needed) The question is: For universities in the UK and USA, which school year's grades are sent for admissions? (ex: grade 11 grades, first semester grade 12, etc) I have heard that Canadian universities mostly base their decisions on first semester grades from grade 12. I have also heard that American universities tend to look at your grade 11 grades. Is that true? Thanks
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