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  1. Even I'm looking for an answer.. I'm done with paper 1. It was just short questions like the practice questions in the textbook;asking to interpret graphs and charts etc, most questions being around 1-5 points. I'd appreciate it if anybody knows specific topics to study for paper 2? I'm really nervous about paper 2 since it's pretty evaluate-y and requires a deeper understanding other than basic facts...
  2. I doubt anyone has read those books.. I suggest you just research online regarding the topics you mentioned
  3. Here is the Design Technology guide: http://intranet.wellingtoncollege.org.uk/resource.aspx?id=215827 There are a few decent examples so have a look.
  4. That's awesome but I've got my finals this week and I don't do those subjects you mentioned I'm in English SL (have my exam tomorrow) and Maths SL (exam in a few days soon) but anyways thanks for the kind offer!
  5. I think you are right, it is easier to stay if you finish university there. Check online I'm sure you will find a bunch of information about this.
  6. If you can be more specific, what do you need to pass IB? Sorry for the ridiculous question, it's my first year and all of this is new to me.
  7. I love mornings because at night im too tired and have alot of things on my mind. Just my opinion because i feel that i can concentrate more better.
  8. bader

    Help with "Circles"

    Guys can anyone send me the answers please? My IA is due after tomorrow (Sunday) and i don't know how to solve it at alll !! Please, i'll be so thankful.
  9. Mine offers Arabic HL and SL,Spanish SL, and French SL
  10. I think that the book is the best resource out there. If you can analysis and fully understand it, then that's all you need.
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