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  1. LOL ended up not even studying. Thanks for the help, you guys! I finished the exam about 3 hours ago. 2 hours and 15 minutes seemed way too much for Paper 2. But good luck you guys! I thought the exam was easier than I expected, and I didn't even study... hopefully that'll make you guys feel better and less nervous!
  2. I know, I'm stupid. I barely studied and I never learned anything these past 2 years. I hate IB Biology. So, I'm dead meat for the exam for sure. But I've had pretty good scores on the IAs. Am I completely helpless?
  3. Agreed with Philovist. Your question seems to go in two different directions or something. And yes, you do need studies!! Evaluation of them, as well. Good luck!
  4. Good luck, you guys! I am officially done with HL Psychology... We also did human relationships and no one in my class studied for violence because apparently you need to do more research to really get all the information you need on the exam - at least that's what my teacher said.
  5. Oh goodness I'm cramming right now and I have the test in less than 3 hours... We're going to be okay! Some tips on what to NOT study - don't focus as much on the questions/topics that were asked last year if you're HL (maybe even if you're SL, but I'm not too sure about that, so don't count on what I say) because they will most likely not ask the same questions or focus on the same topics. Of course, go over it a little - the studies that are relevant - because you might be able to use those studies in other questions.
  6. So, you've already got some of your research done? Do you think research is hard to find? If not, I think it's a good EE topic.
  7. How are you planning on getting the research? Are you actually trying to get it yourself, or do you have journals and studies that you're going to analyse?
  8. Not sure about who does weed or anything, but probably half the IBers at my school go clubbing almost every weekend. And they still manage to get into great schools...
  9. By collage, they mean a bunch of different images together. For example, I had a "mood collage", which I interpreted as a bunch of different images that represented the mood I wanted in my production - small black birds contrasting against the white sky, a photograph of Nazi zombies (LOL) for this feeling of conformity and monster-like beings walking around the earth. Just a bunch of different images together. You can google collage if you want.
  10. I heard that it was, but I'm just wondering. I've been an officer for the International Thespian Society (it's an internationally recognised honours theatre society) and so I've been planning, hosting, and promoting many different events and we have meetings 2-3 times a week. Would this count as service? I obviously don't make money from it.
  11. Okay my PPP is due tomorrow and I was stupid enough to start today... My stimulus is DaVinci's Vitruvian Man. So is the PPP basically separated into 3 different sections (I'm HL)? Can someone please tell me these three sections? This is what I'm assuming they are: Section 1 - 250 word pitch Section 2 - Visuals, with a commentary? (like notes that aren't in essay form) If I'm correct, can there be an unlimited amount of words? Section 3 - Is this the 1000-1500 word essay? What is it even supposed to be about?
  12. Alright, so your TPPP is basically about how you've changed and grown as an actress/actor. It's also good if you refer to a lot of theatre practitioners like Stanislavski, Brecht, Artaud, etc. You want to talk about 3 experiences and the process of it for you. Talking about declamatory style of acting and Greek theatre is good! So you can talk about that experience. And let's say you have another experience where you acted in a Shakespearian show - that's good, too. Here's an example (of mine) that hopefully might help: "One of my most challenging roles was _____ in Metamorphoses." - Greek pla
  13. Do start on it early. Don't start on it late. Do lots of research. Don't slack off. Have you thought of a research question yet?
  14. Hi, hope I'm not too late. Not sure what your first question is asking because I'm dumb. And yes, I believe the point of the TPPP is to show how you've grown as an actor/actress/whatever you are. Your example is basically what I said in my presentation. In the beginning of mine, I said how I was insecure with myself and hated myself, which was why I started theatre. Then I end with a metaphor about how I'm a growing seed (theatre has let me spread my roots, but I don't know what I'm going to become in the future and blah blah blah). Super cheesy, but apparently that's what the IB wants. To sho
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