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    Subject Choices

    Well, it mostly depends on you as a person, how effective and disciplined you are at working Economics isn't (in my opinion) a very hard subject, especially SL As you mentioned, you are only required to take on six subjects and later on, an additional subject probably won't help on the workload Not entirely sure about HL biology and chemistry, but I hear that they can be tiring at times
  2. Sweden Israel Denmark Germany Australia Singapore Holland Great Britain France Spain Italy Poland Greece
  3. There is a deadline for all internal assessments sometime in April I believe, when all schools submit IAs to the IBO. The internal deadline at the school on the other hand is chosen by the teachers
  4. For my Math IA I used both Chi-squared test and Pearson's correlation coefficient Perhaps you can use Pearsons's It should be in the math studies book, in the same chapter as the Chi-Squared test Then again I am not sure if Pearson's is any easier to do then Chi-squared, but I would check it out Good luck with your IA!
  5. "Does this rag smell of chloroform to you?" Gotta love Jimmy Carr (at least that's where I heard it the first time... x)
  6. I dont think you understand. I am VERY organized. But the real question is were you an athlete in IB? I play a sport every season varsity and it consumes much of my time. I did the math and during the spring, I spend more time on the field than actually in school. So any ideas based on that? Well, if I understood you right, my answer to you would be to prioritize. If you're aleady organized then I would probably cut down on sport and focus on school (even though that it might be difficult). IB is time consuming, there is no arguing
  7. You know you are in the IB when you can't see your bedroom walls, because it is covered with your biology and economics syllabus (or any other subject for that matter)
  8. Muhahahaha! You are wrong! Number 3 is my lie!
  9. Hmm... Number 2 is a lie! (Avatar - Great series btw!) Ok, mine! 1. My parents are divorced, remarried (so...they are four people, just to make sure that no one gets confused) and they are all doctors. 2. I read my first novel at the age of 6. 3. I have never been outside of Norway.
  10. Business/Management and Psychology! Since my class will be the second class to graduate from IB at our school they are not offering these subjects at the time.
  11. Wow... We call our teachers by first name in all the classes, no matter what the subject...
  12. Basically what I am wondering about is how do you act towards your teachers in class? Is there a wide gap in the teacher/student relationship if you catch my drift? I live in Norway and where I go to school the teacher is (of course) the authority in class, but still some students act almost degrading towards them or behave quite rude. I don't know if I am able to get my point across, but I have heard that in some countries you have to refer to your teacher as sir or mister or whatever. So I guess my question(s) is: Are you respectful towards your teachers? How is the behavior towards teach
  13. I guess it depends on the person, but what I have done is the following: - Make a structure and follow it! It could be a calendar on your phone or in a regular pocket sized calendar. If you decide to skip some of the things in that calendar you are less likely to get structured. This happens because you "let yourself" believe that it is ok to skip e.g. different assignments. - Use some kind of reward system! When you have done perhaps 40 minutes of homework you can reward yourself with something before you get back to work. - Use a specific study technique. I have discovered that the Pomodo
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