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  1. I say no not because I fear death, but because I would want to know more about my death. I'm the kind of person that would want to know how they died and what happeens durring death.
  2. I have a situation similar to Mayris. I had my history teacher last year for and AP class, and I failed the AP exam because she didn't do the best job teaching the subject. My best advice is to read, read, and overread. If your teacher is no good you have to be able to cover the lost ground yourself.
  3. I dont think it can, I have this problem like every day. You could try pressing alpha up, but theres really not much you can do about it. This is a design flaw in both the TI 83 and 84
  4. No, I would start stressing and not be able to enjoy life.
  5. I want to go to University of Texas Austin, or Texas Tech. Preferably UT if I get in.
  6. Lamar High School, Arlington, Texas
  7. Its not impossible to have a social life in IB, it might be easier though if you create a group of friends in IB that way you all will have similar classes and also be able to study while still having a good time.
  8. I think that the hardest course is English HL, at least at my school English has a lot more time consuming things and more homework than my other IB classes. Also, I think the easiest course I have is Visual Arts HL but I'm an artist so I enjoy it more.
  9. Physics is a very concept-based class. Its a lot of math and laws, so if you give effort to memorizing some formulas you should do fine. Physics SL is very manageable and you shouldn't have any major problems.
  10. Intense - it is hard work, but it will be worth it.
  11. I have a bad french teacher also and we did not learn much in our first two years of the language. I reccomend watching movies in french with english subtitles, it helps to learn words and you can start comprehend it easier. Hope this helps.
  12. I have found it really helpful to have another friend in my french class who is around the same fluency as me to talk to in french. We have other classes together and our converations help us to get better at comprehension and memory while also getting to make fun of our non-french speaking friends whenever. Also, if we learn a new word or phrase we teach each other, which is helpful because our teacher isn't that great.
  13. Je m'en fous literal: I my crazy? means: I dont give a damn.
  14. What I've been told at my school is that we are supposed to do the 50, 50, 50, over the 18 month period, not either or. Still depending on how often you do charity work, you should mhave plenty of time because a lot of activities and service you do might take more than just a few hours.
  15. I think that murder is bad in the sense that you are ending someone else's life, despite who it is or what they've done. But at the same time there are so many scenarios where not only is murder acceptable, but it is considered good. For example, war, it is fighting for ones country, but even if one is prepared to die for his country, that doesn't always mean he's prepared to kill for his country. Also, as you said in self deffense, you might not intend it, but you had no choice. Another example is literature, where murder often times is justified and even a source of freedom depending on the
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