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  1. If I include a quote on the top of of my Extended Essay (as an epigraph), is it included in the word count?
  2. I could use some help as well, what function did u use, i was thinking of using wither an exponential (so that the graph never goes below zero) or the cubic (cause if fits great with the points), but i have no friken idea how to find a,b,c,d (in a ax^3 + bx^2 + cx + d) or a,b (for ae^bx) analitically... any idea?? Hey, so how did you find a,b,c and d? It would be really helpful, because I am really confused.. Thanks! You can substitute coordinates in the cubic model and then use a matrix, and its inverse, to get the values
  3. You could use your calculator. Does it have a Statistics option?
  4. What exactly do I have to talk about when they ask for the implications of the two models? Thank you!
  5. I don´t understand how to use technology to find K, L and M. I understand what each of them mean, so when I know the numbers I would know how to interpret them, but how do I find them? Any help?
  6. Do I inverse the 4x4 and 4x1 matrix separately, or do I inverse them in a same matrix?
  7. Just set up a 4x4 matrix with all of the coefficients for a, b, c, and d, and multiply it by a 4x1 matrix of a b c d to get a 4x1 matrix of your y values... then can you solve from there? No...I honestly don't get it. Sorry....
  8. This is my matrix after plugging in coordinates in the cubic model: 0 0 0 1 554.8 8000 400 20 554.8 830.7 42875 1225 35 554.8 1070.0 91125 2025 45 554.8 1220.5 But when I apply the Reducer Row-Echelon form, the results are no good to draw a graph. What am I doing wrong?
  9. I am using a cubic equation. I already arranged the result of substituting the coordinates in the cubic model and I have organized them in a Matrix. I used the Reduced Row-Echelon form to figure out the inverse Matrix, but the values that come up, when arranged in a cubic function, don´t give out any graph. What am I doing wrong?
  10. I am using a cubic function too. I already substituted each of the coordinates in the cubic model (ax + bx + cx + d....etc etc (imagine it with the exponents)) haha you get the idea. And i was thinking of using a matrix to obtain abcd...the problem is..I don´t really know how to use a matrix to do that. Any help?
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