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  1. Same. We get our grades from that I suppose, right?
  2. If a student fails IB1 at our school , he is automatically put in the certificate program. But it's usually rare. It happens to 1 or 2 stdents only every year.
  3. In a bio lab report, if we have different volumes with a different number of significant figures but the same number of decimal places, how does the number of significant figures and uncertainty change when calculating the average of the volumes?
  4. The most important thing is to find an issue in your article. From the title, I don't really see an IT issue in any of them. So my advice is that you talk to your teacher about it and he/she will tell what they exactly want from you.
  5. For me chemistry HL is a bit harder than biology HL because I think it's a riskier subject. For bio, if you study the material you get your grades unlike chemistry where it is harder to expect what is on the exam. The degree of memorization in biology depends on the person. Personally, when I read the material a couple of times it get stuck in my head whereas other people need hours to memorize it. This is why I score well in biology. I also think that biology is by far more interesting than chemistry.
  6. This is biology if you're focusing on the biological aspect of the treatment. If you're doing your extended essay in biology you don't need to talk about the chemical details and all this stuff. In your case, you just study the behaviour of the living organism when exposed to the herbs. They don't like it at all when you alternate between different subjects, so be sure to choose one and focus on it. I think biology is a lot more suitable for your topic.
  7. That's why I'm not doing my experiment in the school lab. The equipement is very limited and that won't stop me from getting a good grade on my EE. Therefore, I'm doing my experiment in a lab which is better equiped outside the school! Haha
  8. I'm doing my extended essay in biology and I was wondering: Is E. Coli excessively used in biology EE? Should I focus my study on Klebsiella instead if I have the chance?
  9. No it's not wrong. When it's digital you are supposed to take the smallest digit. For example, if the mass is given as 1.43g using and electronic balance the uncertainty will be +/-0.01g. At least that's how we do it.
  10. We never take the uncertainty that is stated on the apparatus. We always take one tenth of the smallest incriment. For example, if the smallest division on the cylinder is 0.1mL, then our uncertainty will be +/-0.001mL. Does it depend on the teacher? Or does IB require a specific way of finding the uncertainty of an apparatus?
  11. Get rid of CAS, TOK (PLEASE!!), IOP and World Lit. If I had to choose one, I would definitely choose TOK because it is annoying and pointless. I think that it has no benefit... To me at least.
  12. How can you say that chemistry is the easiest HL? First of all, it is a group 4 subject at HL therefore there is no way it is the easiest. In my opnion, all languages and social sciences at HL are way easier. I also think that Bio HL is easier than Chem HL because bio is more "student friendly" and more straight forward than chem.
  13. HL: Bio, Chem, ITGS, French B SL: Maths, English A1
  14. Yes, true! It doesn't really matter, just make sure it's legible and the examiner can read it. So don't use the gothic format or whatever. I always use Calibri size 14 for my labs because it looks neat and because I hate Times New Roman!
  15. I take both Bio HL and Chem HL and honestly I feel that the workload is manageable. In IB1 at least. You just have to be organised and work on a daily basis. For Bio HL, you need to memorize/know a lot of material and you have to keep up with the pace of the teacher and study to know what she is talking about. Our teacher gives us a lot of tests but I don't know if it's different for others. For Chem HL, although there is not a lot of memorizing to do, you have to study constantly so that the material doesn't accumulate. Make sure you understand the lesson. In chemistry, everything
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