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  1. quick question, I did footnotes for 99% percent of my summary of evidence, can it have footnotes or does it need in-text citations?
  2. Okay, I'll pick one Latin American independence movement to narrow it down Thanks Emy!
  3. What was the role of the European Enlightenment in the Latin American independence movements? Too broad? is it even good? thanks!
  4. oh I'm sorry, I thought you were just talking about differential calculus! We had one diff calc on P1 and one on P2 but we had 2 trig functions I think on P1 and also a mapping diagram for functions which I couldn't do... (P1)
  5. Paper 2 TZ1 I hated that question though, I hate shapes! I don't remember what it entailed other than asking for surface area, and volume what was the rest of the question? Nope I think just 1 function question on P1 and 1 on P2
  6. wow, TZ1 was the complete opposite! Paper 1 - Harder and didn't have enough time Paper 2 - Manageable and answered all (for the most part )
  7. Do I have to wait til July to know what my IA grade was in Math Studies?
  8. I'm allowed to talk about it now right? How did you guys think you did on paper 1? :\
  9. I wouldn't say it's necessarily pointless to take the AP lit exam. My HL English teacher makes it mandatory for us to take AP Language & Comp., she says it's just in case and most of the things we learn will be helpful for the AP test. Were you thinking of taking SAT Lit subject test, World Lit exam, and AP Lit exam? or just World Lit and one of the others?
  10. Hello! My class is just starting to develop the rough draft for the World Lit 1 - which this year changed from compare and contrast to literary analysis. I chose to do my paper on Blood Wedding by Garcia Lorca. The topic I chose was the geographical and psychological isolation of the bride and how it drives the main plot. I was hoping you guys would be so kind as to critique my thesis and possibly guide me to make it better? Thanks! (Possible) Thesis: In the play Blood Wedding by Garcia Lorca, the use of geographical and implied psychological isolation in the character of the bride drives th
  11. This would be perfect, please! I've barely started to revise for the exam...
  12. 1 from NA to Europe Asia 82 Africa 75 Europe 52 Australia 51 S. America 45 N. America 37
  13. I take HOA which does not appeal to me but I did like learning about the Latin American revolutions and their leaders
  14. Mine was the metamorphosis of Tom Joad in the Grapes of Wrath
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