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  1. I love it. I think that it's what makes the IB different. It's what pulls the 6 subjects together.
  2. I'd be careful. For A1, the IBO tend to look down on cultural analysis. Also, it's a research piece. How much is there already written on this?
  3. English A1 HL - I do this now. French SL - I studied French for 10 years prior to starting Ab Initio. I wasn't allowed in SL due to the lack of a formal qualification. History HL - School didn't offer it for my year, due to a lack of interest, which is ****e, as I know loads of us ended up in Psych/Geo because they didn't offer it. Chemistry HL - I did this, but because of timetabling, when I started Philosophy, I had to drop it. I'd have dropped HL Biology if i could Maths SL - I got a B at GCSE, but was forced into Studies, which is piss easy. Philosophy HL - I do this now.
  4. I got this too. The thing I would advise most is that if you're struggling, TALK TO YOUR TEACHERS! It's their job to make sure you're OK, and they have a duty of care. My school bent over backwards to help me with my time management and organisation. I always try to live by this mantra, and hope you will too: The strongest people are those who know when to ask for help.
  5. What I like to do is order myself gifts online. I have needlework as a CAS activity (Luckily, I also enjoy it), and say I order a cross stitch kit, I won't open it from the post packaging. I'll gift wrap it, and put a tag on it that says "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL YOUR PHILOSOPHY IA IS IN! XXXXX". It then goes under my model of a dead tree, which I call my soul tree, and it stays there, with the others, taunting me until it's done.
  6. Philosophy doesn't have a textbook, to my knowledge. If it does, we've never used it. We use Robert Bowie's Ethical Studies, handouts and supplementary books. Maths Studies has a CD in the back. One of the 3 Biology books has a CD in the back. Psychology doesn't. French Ab Initio doesn't. English doesn't.
  7. Depends. IB is good for general subjects. A levels are easier though, and you have much more free time. I'd opt for a general A level range if I were you. I'd have gone for Biology or Chemistry, Maths, History or English, and as a fourth one to drop after AS, Psychology, because it can draw on all of those (Biological/Cognitive psychology for your science, statistics for Maths and essay/report writing from the humanity.)
  8. Here are some things I thought about. I'm writing mine on Shakespeare right now. Farce Mistaken Identity Love Hierarchy Gender Dramatic Irony Death Colour Windows Pathetic Fallacy Framing Devices
  9. Edith Piaf - Je Ne Regrette Rien Lady Gaga - The Queen Beyoncé - Schoolin' Life Katy Perry - The One That Got Away Pink - Who Knew I could go on, but from my Intense Work playlist, that's the 5 top played.
  10. Psych SL. In a year, we've done cognitive levels of analysis. And also, Philosophy, because Psych and Phil are timetabled for the same time.
  11. I do archery, and yoga. I'm going to get my bike fixed soon though, so I shall cycle and count that.
  12. 20 downloads

    This is an essay I handed in as an end of topic test in the middle of IB1. I got a level 7 on it, so decided to share it with everyone. I focussed on utilitarianism, and used various examples to demonstrate my points.
  13. No. Ab Initio people know less French, so it's hard for them. If you wanted a comparison, it would be like you taking a Uni level paper. Free writing is easy, but the comprehension is where many fall. I do Ab Initio, but I've 10 years of French under my belt. Not exactly a beginner.
  14. We started with 12. One left, because she didn't want to face punishment for stealing my phone and running up a £2000 phone bill, and one is dropping to a mix of certificates and A Levels, because she's awful. Seriously, she did a test and one of the questions was "The man crept into the cellar ____________", with the choices A) Loudly, B) Badly, C) Surreptitiously and D) Quietly. The answer is C. But she didn't know what a cellar was.
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