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    Power and Policy in the Latvian Countryside: The Aims, Process and Effects of Collectivisation of Agriculture, 1940-1949 Grade: A By Arthur Kadish
  2. gaggia

    Note Crisis


    The Diplomatic Note Crisis between the Soviet Union and Finland in 1961: A Reflection of the Cold War or a Soviet Attempt to Meddle in a Sovereign Nation’s Affairs? Grade: A By Antti Koulumies
  3. 62 downloads

    The comparison of two different playing techniques in terms of sound spectrums in the Finnish national instrument kantele. By Henna Tahvanainen The abstract is in English and Finnish. Everything else is in English. Grade: A
  4. 78 downloads

    The Effect of Different Colors of Light on the Growth of Young Specimens of the Helianthus annus (Sunflower) This extended essay received an A. This extended essay was written by Kiri Hamaker
  5. 135 downloads

    Detecting the Chirality of Knots This extended essay received an A and 36/36 points This extended essay was written by Nicholas Korpelainen
  6. I'm having the same feelings here. P1 was not too hard at all, P2 was fine but I'm a bit wary of the section B questions (did the Q1/TZ2), P3 went very well although the database for option G WAS weird!
  7. On exams + ib forms we do as viivi said, but on cover sheets of official essays we've been writing 0571 for the school code -- a bit of a compromise between 571 and 000571 I suppose!
  8. Ah, no, but I've visited quite a few times, been there and done that in most corners of the country. But buy five small and quick animals and number them from one to six, leaving number five out -- the teachers will be looking for the nonexistent number five for ever!
  9. I know there's a toys r us in jerusalem, don't you think you'd be able to find something funny there? if not, take an egged to ramat gan or rishon lezion, there's an enormous one there!
  10. My school's great because it's a publically funded private school. What that means is that my municipality pays my school what it'd cost the municipality to educate me in one of its public schools. The advantage is that it's up to my school's board how to use that money and, through successful investments, it's wound up with more money than the average city school :}
  11. Even if mass-produced bullets of any given type, model or brand had significant differences and that many hobbyists customized their own bullets to suit their individual needs, I don't see what would prevent them from storing their own equipment in personal lockers at shooting ranges, just as people who play large musical instruments may leave their highly customized and tweaked instruments at their schools. If the staff expenditures pose such an obstacle, the storage of weapons could be monitored through alternative methods, say electronically, for instance. Besides, such sophisticated concer
  12. The expense of hired staff on the shooting community is quite justifiable in the interest of public security. If the hobbyists insist on sleeping with their weapons, at the very least ammunition could be stored at the shooting range. Please don't say "there are differences between bullets" p.s. joo toimii vaan uudella koneella, ei vielkää vanhalla
  13. Upon stress, I'll perform the following ritual: 1/3 espresso dopio made with 92*C water, 9 bars of pressure, and illy caffè macinato 1/3 frothed milk at 40-50*C with extra milk protein for better frothing properties 1/3 steamed milk, as above, with the steam handle of the espresso machine =1 cappuccino, the lifeblood of my IB studies. hallelujah!
  14. Yeah, and fingers don't kill people, bullets do. That makes just about as much sense as the NRA does! At least people without guns would have quite a bit a harder time carrying out school shootings. While I understand the underlying motivations behind the hesitancy towards general gun control, the current proposals seem reasonable: why not restrict the storage and use of handguns to locked vaults at shooting ranges?
  15. Mkxxy, you made me wonder whether a 6-day work week is even legal...! Tell them that you're a follower of a religion that prohibits working 6 days a week and take a copy of the Constitution with you!
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