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  1. You have to realize that French B is totally different from a core French class. French B is more about comprehension, you don't understand something, you won't get those marks on Paper 1. But if you can't write with good grammar, you won't get those marks on Paper 2. What I would suggest for someone with a bad French background is to grab a French grammar workbook from a book store. Once you can handle the grammar, you need to do vocab building. You should do something you're interested in in French. I listen to music and analyze the lyrics the most. You pick up a lot of vocab that way, as we
  2. I regret being here when I have an A1 IOP tomorrow. I also regret choosing the first day of a two week presentation period to do my IOP, because I thought I should 'get it over with.' I forgot I'm this bad at procrastinating. I regret not doing anything in HL Chem because my teacher is horrible, and I regret too many things to list here. I've only been in IB for a month.
  3. I love that so many schools have so many options. I wish mine did... we only offer French B HL/SL. We have Spanish Ab Initio as well, but... no Language B option.
  4. Same but they also said that if you got the highest or lowest, you will be chosen for sure. Not like it matters, all my teachers said that grades have never been marked down or up at our school, ever, in all these years of IB. Well, you must have some magical IB teachers then, as an IB teacher at my school told me that they were told to 'mark harder' because things kept getting marked down.
  5. That's pretty brutal. Only my TOK class is that large, and we only have that once a week. Class sizes are a big issue in Ontario and my max class size has been in the 30s throughout my entire education.
  6. I'm in the Ontario system as well, and in my school, it varies from teacher to teacher. My HL Chem teacher takes all assigned homework, assignments, etc. and puts them into our OSSD mark, while only our IA and EA count for IB. Ask your teacher the 'does this count for marks' question, and I'm sure you'll get an answer. It's also translated that your final evaluations are only worth 30% for OSSD (while it can be worth over 70% in IB), and everything else is worth 70%, usually.
  7. Depending on your school's policy, you should be allowed to switch out of IB fairly easily. Might have to wait until second semester (depending on how your school works, I'm in Ontario too). I don't know too many people who switched out during IB2, but everyone who switched out after Predicted IB had no issues whatsoever. You would have zero issues with any of the grade 12 credits you don't have. You should contact Student Services at whatever school in the TDSB and see what they say.
  8. From my French B class, there's someone who speaks fluent French, and whenever we do grammar and stuff, she gets to leave and do whatever she wants. She was encouraged to take Spanish Ab Initio, but obviously she's going to take the French course if given the choice. It annoys me how she's allowed to miss class every/every other period.
  9. HL Chem, we have a horrible teacher (2nd year teaching IB) that hasn't been teaching anything in the syllabus for about 2 weeks, and his class makes me tired, it's so boring.
  10. My smallest class if French B SL, with about 15 people. My largest class is HL Chem with just under 30 people. I think there's around 60-70 in the cohort.
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