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  1. thanks for the fast reply (10 minutes ), umm but it's way too late to change my topic. i only have couple of weeks before the ultimate submission of my EE, so it's out of the viable options. I did though, managed to find some historian comments, mostly from Indonesian source (no language barrier there haha). What if my EE is composed of many analysis, and that analysis was obtained from examining and juxtaposing different sources, which to a certain extent might not be backed up by historians' comments?
  2. but my topic is somewhat a niche, hence there arent many historians commenting on the issue. according to Vvi, i just need to include a differing point of view, even if it's not backed up. does that make my essay less persuasive and less scholarly?
  3. ah i see... thanks for your reply.. one quick question though, for the historiography, do you need to explain the counter argument as well? eg. in your previous example, i can say that "USA invaded Iraq because of ideological reasons, which include, blah blah blah, however, there is a debate over the intention of USA in invading Iraq because of blah blah blah" or should i just state the counterargument without analyzing it? your help is greatly appreciated, thank you!
  4. Hi, umm i need some help with my ee. when i read the markscheme for History EE 2009 session, there is a section whose description is similar to "demonstrate appropriate language to the subject". Is there any history specific terminologies for IB History EE? Oh and is there a need to follow the MLA format of referencing (especially in the footnote), since i followed the footnote from an exemplar, (eg "Nasution, AH. Sekitar Perang Kemerdekaan Indonesia, p 34). Is this ok? or should i change it? thanks in advance
  5. flysweetheart422, i too found two sources that were heavily biased on both sides, but how do you juxtapose it in a way as to prevent a narrative style? do you account the resources in a separate subsection? and ps, i'm also a may 09 er
  6. inthemaking, any advice on getting an a? how do you make it not narrative? i find that pretty hard to do..
  7. i think my opinion's a little bit superficial, but using an example, can it be possible when new math formulas are found, we are too ignorant to study it. or using another example, a speech by neil postman states that specialists generate jargon to shield itself from being learned by "outsiders", hence increasing the chance people getting lazy to study the said areas due to the difficulty in comprehending the languages. what do you think? or am i straying too far from the topic?
  8. i;m so sorry for replying in this thread after a long time.. took a while to do some IAs and whatnot. Umm.. i'm in some kind of an emergency.. i didnt post it telling you guys that my batch is the very first IB batch in my school, hence things are a bit chaotic and unorganized. Here are some questions I need to ask: 1. My friend was forced to change his EE topic because apparently my principal told him that since history is not taught in my school (in which it isn't), he's not supposed to take it. Is this statement true? 2. When i was reading the EE guidebook distributed by m
  9. My EA2 teacher told me that if you get a high enough score in EA2 HL (eg. a 5 or a 6) you don't need to take IELTS/TOEFL tests. Is this true? In need of your opinions and experience.
  10. so basically my essay is screwed now!!! can you tell me what should i put instead? is my essay all wrong? i thought i was in the right track, since my supervisor told me that it is a good essay...
  11. [quote name='Cutetare' post='23897' date='Sep 11 2008, 10:58 PM']You are allowed to quote as much as you want, but PLEASEE DO indicate all of your sources... Also, the RQ..... I think starting off with "What happened"might be too complicated, perhaps you might want to only focus on the influence part...[/quote] Ok,but the thing is that since not many people know what the Battle of Surabaya is all about, theexaminer wont know what i'm talking about. And assuming that the what happened part is dropped, what should I do to fill the word count, since the what happened part is
  12. by typing in reference for every sentence what i meant was that for every sentence that has some facts in it, or the sentence i paraphrased, should i put in footnotes saying where i got the sentence/ fact from? and my research question is what happened during the battle of surabaya and its influence towards indonesia's independence and the allied force. is that good enough? or should i drop the what happened part?
  13. hi, i'm new at this forum, but i have some questions regarding my EE. My EE is about Indonesian History (The Battle of Surabaya 1945 and its significance towards Indonesia's independence and the position of the Allied forces in Indonesia). My questions are: 1. I typed in reference for every sentence that I typed, is it ok or is it wrong? 2. My first body is composed on the brief history of Indonesia and the event of the Battle itself, is it ok if these topics are in my main body? Or should I skip the whole background history of Indonesia and the battle itself and start analyzing it since
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