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  1. Pretty sure it was 'crossing' over, that's what I put and what the text books seem to (albeit loosely) suggest.
  2. Didnt the question ask for why the body shivers, by 'why' I think they meant 'of what benefit' it is.... I also did the LDR question and outlined the whole reaction along with things about Photolysis and why it's important. I thought P1 was actually quite tricky, felt nowhere near as confident with it as I have with past paper 1 where I usually only from a couple of marks. I know I got the comparison between platyhe..... and annelidas wrong but other than that i'm not sure. I also did the transcription in prokaryotes and said DNA Polymerase was the enzyme . I thought the rest of P2 was very ni
  3. Well I use a cr*ppy text book a little but there are some quite good notes on: http://www.scribd.com/collections/2501655/Biology if you scroll down a little to the option E.... It seems to just be a lot to remember so you should be fine if you do some crazy revision the night before! Also have a look at the website: pearsonbacconline.com, click on biology, HL worksheets and find the ones on neurobiology. Enjoy
  4. I think so, i've put a lot of effort in so hopefully it will pay off! Im doing Neurobiology and Further Human physiology. Both of which I find easy conceptually, however, the questions I find difficult, they seem to be worded differently to normal P2 questions and I often lose marks through misinterpretation. Tomorrow night I plan to commit the text books to memory...
  5. I wouldn't go as far as to say section A involves the 'basic' concepts, for example I did a paper recently which used DNA replication in section A. I do not think that there is any guarantee of what will be in each section. Whilst there is probably a lower chance of photosynthesis being in section A (there are less section A questions) it could well happen. If you are stuck on it then I recommend using youtube to watch some videos about it (that's how I learnt), if you have specific questions then ask here, but don't ignore it as it is likely to also appear in paper 1. Good luck!
  6. They are usually of a similar theme, but not always. For example a photosynthesis question might come up with a plant science question or a respiration question. You have a choice of 4 questions and it is unlikely a photosynthesis question will come up twice in two different questions.
  7. I shouldn't worry, it could well be me that is wrong!
  8. I think 12, I know at least one other person agrees with that....
  9. TZ2, which I guess is different to you... I don't think we had any greenhouse questions?
  10. I actually thought the paper was quite nice compared to some of the past papers. I thought the only really hard bits were the last geometric progression question and finding the formula in the graph question, that was the only question I didnt have an answer for. That said there is every chance I thought it was easy because I misunderstood it...
  11. The calculator says the line of regression should intercept the Y axis at 9.31 which I think is the correct way of doing it... However, I drew my scatter diagram with the X axis starting at 1.5kg because it looked really odd when starting from 0, did anyone else do this?
  12. Last year the grade boundaries were 66=LVL6 for P1 and 64=LVL6 for paper 2. Assuming you left 5 out for paper 1 and each were worth 3 marks that's only -15 so you still have a good margin left for a level 6. Same with paper 2, missing a 20 mark question still means a margin of 6 points for a level 6. It's not worth panicking about!
  13. No. In metaphase I homologous CHROMOSOMES can orientate so either one is pulled to either side. One chromosome is maternal and one is paternal so it will make a difference which side each one goes to as the two homologous chromosomes are genetically different. In anaphase II it is the chromosome itself which is split apart. In metaphase II only one of each type of chromosome is present so no random orientation will occur. Hope that helps!
  14. I thought it was one of the hardest P1s i've seen,although it was still ok. Only mistakes I know I made were through poor differentiation, the final part of the interest questio and forgetting a square root is a real number . Other than that there were some questions which were a little iffy, normally can finish a P1 in 1 hour although I was writing up until the last minute yesterday!
  15. Thanks Aly, hopefully it will be alright! For the abnormal question I talked about the issues of labelling, stigmas and how different cultures have different attitudes towards mental illness (more somatic symptoms in collectivist societies for depression etc). Also the issue of social norms, who decides, what happens when it's misused. And probably a few others things that came to me! I certainly didn't lack ideas... Your paper 3 sounds similar, I totally forgot about the age issue for the ethics question as I had gone over 20 mins but managed to get it into one of the next questions, could re
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