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  1. YESSSSSS DONE I feel like I still have work to do...
  2. I looked at #7 and as soon as I saw the word evolution I crossed it out. I can never remember evolution well enough to do extended response questions on it. I ended up doing 6 and 8, they were pretty easy. And part A wasn't too shabby either. I think I got perhaps a 6, so now I'm completely letting myself go and aiming for like a 3 in chem.
  3. I wish I hadn't taken both bio and chem HL. I have all those papers this week and I really should be studying, but I just don't give a sh*t any more. I figure I'll get maybe a 6 in bio, but probably a 2 in chem lol. Whatever, I just want my diploma.
  4. LOOOL damn, r/atheism is so stupid. But then, what default sub isn't? Anyway, as for an interesting personality, I'd say Michio Kaku. He is excellent.
  5. Banned because it is popular for a demographic that I do not belong to.
  6. Banned because that is pleasant to hear.
  7. Banned because I don't really follow iihf, but how's Canada doing?
  8. Banned because he probably used google translate. 6 papers next week... May I please complain here?
  9. Hahaha I don't even care any more about math, I'm just hoping for a pass.
  10. Around a 100 for creativity and action each, and a bare minimum of 50 for service because I dislike volunteering. But I only wrote reflections for 50 hours of each category.
  11. Banned because these last few days are the longest days I've ever experienced.
  12. Nope! My remaining exams are Bio and Chem HL, and French B SL.
  13. Hahaha this could not describe me more accurately. I've been using StayFocusd and Coldturkey to block all my main gaming sites, and yet my procrastination persists. It's gotten to the point where I'm playing tetris and minesweeper in order to avoid studying. 10 days more... just 10 days...
  14. I feel like I'm detached from reality. Paying attention to the world around me takes so much effort.
  15. I start snacking uncontrollably. It's terrible for my teeth and, well, the rest of me. I don't think I'm a nervous eater; I just use exam season as an excuse to get fat.
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