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  1. I cant seem to find the 2011 papers for Biology. If anyone has a link to the 2011 Biology SL paper it would be of much great because I do not have up to date past papers for Bio and they are quite hard to find
  2. Random request but I was wondering if any one has access to the writing paper that is given in the exams as I would like to see the spacing and see how many pages as I can write.
  3. Thanks for the great advice! Hope yours went well!
  4. Can any IB students who have already completed their art exam give me any advice/tips/general info and what to expect? It would be much appreciated
  5. My friend was wondering if there is a minimum word count for world lits?
  6. Do the world lits require a coversheet even if the candidate name and number is clearly presented on each page, with the word count stated at the end of the assignment? I have gotten different respnses so I am slightly confused
  7. Thank you all for the help. It was really useful!
  8. I checked the official guide and it does not mention anythig however i have heard that double spacing is encouraged. will i be penalised for not using double spacing? and any other tips that is not mentioned in the official ee guide Thanks
  9. Does anyone know the rough grade boundries for the IA's in Biology (I take SL) As far as I know it is a mark out of 48, including the group 4 mark too
  10. I am really confused because I have been getting different answers but I was wondering about the word count for the Economics IAs and if the labels of the diagram are counted as a part of the word count? So if I had a simple macro diagram with Aggregate Demand, and Short Run Aggregate Supply, and the axes had Average Price Level and National Output, would all those words count towards the word count? If so, then we can only really write up to 720 words of pure writing for the IA, as the labels usually add up to a lot of words, and the more diagrams used the harder to write a good analysis and
  11. are quotes and textual evidence counted in the word count?
  12. Hey I am currently workıng on my Type 2 Maths SL IA and was wondering if I could write it out by hand as the task of writing long equations which contain logs and sin's will be very tedious, also i can show more working if i write it out by hand? All my graphs will be generated by a computer programme, and the GDC has been used, so I was wondering if I could be counted down by not using enough technology? Any help would be appreciated, thank you
  13. How is that being rude? İ am sorry, i was the one being called lazy. Did i call her such things? No. Am i the one using caps on certain words to give my argument a nasty edge? No. Did i publicy diss the other person? No. i thought not.
  14. yeah i know, google is never reliable. thank you very much!
  15. I am fully aware that it takes time to change a syllabus and that it changes every 7 years ( the new syllabus being for the exams starting in may 2013) yet I know that there are slight changes made every couple of years. I clearly did use google or else I would not have initially found the links. I never asked you to answer the questions so if you have a problem why dont you just skip this question and not answer it? we are all here trying to get the best marks in IB, not all of us are predicted 7s in every subject like you are.
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