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  1. I did the poem - Language as an Escape from the Discrete, and I'm having second thoughts about my commentary. What did you guys write about?
  2. I want to hear some topics of history that you find intriguing or interesting, but not overdone. One that I thought was really cool was the Salem witch trials.
  3. I wanted to do my history extended essay on something related to feminism. I was thinking of comparing feminist movements between two different countries such as the U.S. and Iran or something like that. Any suggestions?
  4. One poem we read was sisters of persephone and I really liked it, what are you some poems you studied in IB?
  5. I know a lot of people hate poetry but I am a total English nerd and I am looking for good poetry to read. My favourite poem is The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot, what are you some of your favourites?
  6. not good literature when comparing it to other romance novels, but perhaps a good escapism novel
  7. time can't be negative but years can, it can go behind zero like 50 BCE
  8. I subscribed about two months ago, it worked in September but then I tried it again after a while a week ago it didn't work and it's not working today and I really need to use it.
  9. you can use regressions or matricies on your graphing calculator to figure those out I'm not exactly clear how to "analytically" develop a model though, does that mean without technology?
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