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  1. Yep your right, how about the clonal selection, i think i got that one wrong, i chose the identical organisms, its probably wrong
  2. nop interstitial cells are on the outside, those that secrete testosterone.. germinal cells are the ones which turn into sperms, so ofcoarse you might see tails, but the label was on the ones with and without tails, so its germ cells I think germinial epithelium cells are on the outside! Some people said they could see a tail on the cells so it could be a sperm! I put sertoli too. Umm oh shoot I got that wrong then, was aspirin the least effective then after 7 days?
  3. I Asked my teacher about that it was germ cell, heres why, there were many black big dots, on the membrane + scattered around, with different sizes so its germ cells dividing n stuff, i got it right
  4. I want Sixes in All, well i wouldnt mind a 7 but it never were my aim, and im paranoid of Math SL P2
  5. To which semester have you applied? Australian Universities have admissions for the beginning of the year late, at december i think.. ?
  6. it should decrease it, that is that monocytes are left from the blood to fight the infection, acetaminophen and placebo were the only two who fought the infection during that period, i think a week was it? gaaah idk i guess only time will tell , i just thought my answer was reasonable, i had it like yours at first, then rethought of it and changed my answers, anyways good luck
  7. Guys what did you answer in Business P1, its questions seemed too general..! i answered Q1+2 with the compulsory question, but not sure what should i have included..?
  8. also you should mention if a patient wants no side effects he should probably stick to normal response, rather than taking the drugs as they showed more side effects, however their usage is better as they were able to eliminate infection faster than normal immuno response
  9. acetaminophen was the best drug due to fast response of Immune System, More over the 2nd graph showed the count of antibodies after 28 days, the lower the antibodies the better the drug, meaning that the infection/sickness is over, the 3rd graph was tricky, the lower the value the better response, it seemed that placebo drugs -controlled- were better and effective than most drugs while acetaminophen also did a fast, fastest immuno response, gaaah that took me a while to figure out
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