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  1. Hello all, I am an ex IB student and I now have to repeat the year. I worked very well in the first year until about January, where I had a psychosis, through which I had to go to a clinic for 3 months unfortunately. It was a tough time, and fortunately now im all healthy again, despite me having to take medicine. A psychosis is triggered by too much stress (school, family issues, love issues etc for example) and there is always the risk of it coming back. Now I am starting the year again, I do not know what is best for me. Should I do the less stressful A levels, where I do not have to invest
  2. Is there any strategy/advice for answering these questions? What should you always include? For the evaluation question, what is the best way to evaluate, is there a firm structure you can hold on to?
  3. German A1 Literature: 6 people Economics: 15 people Biology: 8 people History: 12 people English: 7 people Maths: 11 people
  4. Anyone has any good and useful links for writing a good film review or know how it works and can give a simple guideline? Thanks Guys, IBtank
  5. So due to depressions and health problems i missed like 7 days of school. Whats the best way to catch up, i know in ib you cant fall behind- so: what to do now? Notemaking? Copying off class mates notes?
  6. well only started in september but my most memorable and nicest moment yet was my german a1 higher level presentation, on which i did a monologue which was so fantastic my teacher gave me a hug- got 29/30
  7. Hi guys, im currently doing my first IA commentary and i have an article on Solar power(attached at the bottom) I know that when the global economy is weak people purchase less goods and therefore will purchase less silicon, which explains the shift back of the demand curve, establishing a lower price. But is it necessary maybe to go deeper and explain as well how the weak economy has been established? help would be appreciated P.S. My article is attached on my old post "bad grade in commentary"
  8. maybe take geography sl instead of a language? is that possible? 3 languages is alot and maybe not that necessary.
  9. Hey guys, sorry for the late response. Attached is the article i am using. if you wish i can also send you my draft. It would be helpful if you would give me some tips on how to tackle the article and get a good grade. Thanks
  10. find the value of the term independent of x in the binomiial expansion of the expression (x² - 2/x)³ confused here. help appreciated
  11. Hey guys, i only got a poor 9/20 in my economics commentary draft. must admit i rushed it abit although im generally quite good at economics. Maybe my article doesnt suit a commentary so well? http://www.ft.com/in...=#axzz1jdTOEzWO I find trouble explaining theory according to the article. So when i explain for example the equilibrium price of silicon, do i have to refer it all back to the article or just explain the theory of how a new equilibrium establishes? Final commentary due on friday, so i need some help! thanks -IB Tank- For established manufacturers of solar panels.docx
  12. thank you i know get it! but in my biology book there is something wrong then because my question was based on the book! hmm...
  13. So the process of DNA Replication involves a primer, consisting of RNA nucleotides, being produced at the replication fork. After this happens DNA Polymerase III adds DNA in a 5' to 3' direction in order to grow the DNA strand. DNA polymerase I finally removes the primer and replaces it with DNA nucleotides. So in my view the process of the primer is totally unnecessary isn't it? Why do you first use RNA nucleotides and then remove them again? I dont understand the necessity of this? Anyone able and willing to explain? Thanks
  14. Guys, if you dont know what kind of presentation to do i advice you to do a creative one Its very fun which will allow you to work hours on it without getting bored or so. I did in my German Higher Level a monologue of a character shortly before his death, reflecting his thoughts about the world and what went wrong, what he did wrong etc... it was really fun writing the monologue and adapting Schiller's language in "Emilia Galotti" and then i prepared the legitimation of my monologue to prove it and at the end i got 29/30 points. very proud of myself! but guys seriously, something analytical
  15. Hi guys, its really starting to annoy me that i cannot get a 6 or a 7 in History SL essays. We have been probably doing in IB1 about 8 essays or so and the only grades i get are 5s. 10-12/20 Can you guys please help me or give an advice how to tackle 6s and 7s, it just seems so difficult. don't know really what im doing wrong so its hard to improve! thank yous
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