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  1. Thanks marauder, that looks very useful
  2. I tagged it with Ab initio, but I suppose not everyone pays attention to that. Apparently the problem is that at teachers college (where most are hired from) there are only 2 that can speak Spanish, and neither of them would know the syllabus for IB either. Up until now we haven't had any form of textbook/ schedule of what we're learning and what the IAs are, I suppose we wouldn't have needed them if we kept one teacher...
  3. Would anyone be able to help me here? Our Spanish teacher left this year (in IB2) without giving us any documents on what we need to learn. The school is scrambling to get something sorted for us, but the only teacher in the school who knows Spanish doesn't know the IB Syllabus and is having difficulty finding it. Would anyone have any advice/ be able to link the syllabus? He was the sort of teacher who we didn't do much with, but trusted his plan in his head... We don't even know what the internals are for Spanish
  4. Banned for not understanding other people.
  5. Well, convenience is generally liked. NP prefers Beethoven to Bach
  6. "homogenic felis catus overlords" A bit tired, but it does give one result. One alleled cat overlords OR "multitudinous synthermal slubbered snyes" - 3 results with one omitted They are all words, some very obscure, several eqi-temperature stained small channels of water Problem is that all results for second one are virtually identical word lists.
  7. Ah, that makes sense. Because the target market of Call of Duty are not the type who will read Grady's internet coloumn the article posted on it will not affect the impetus of the Call of Duty phenomenon. Something like that?
  8. Even though MW3 did do amazingly well in sales, there has been an article written publicy critiquing the marketing for being hideous for how it portrays warfare and states that there is a solider in all of us. Would it be good to mention this as a downside of the marketing campiagn or keep it more quantative in terms of how successful the sales were?
  9. Would it be a good idea to do a EE based on a promotional campaign, as an evaluation of it's success? My plan is to look at how successful the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 promotional campaign was. Would this be a good focus for the EE, or not?
  10. granted, but it's written in Klingon I wish that the world was run by the wise.
  11. Second is it not? - If not I blame the fact that it's midnight... 1 - I have a ToK draft due in less than a week that I haven't started. 2 - I have a WL draft due in less than a week that I haven't started. 3 - I have a EE meeting in less than a week that I haven't planned. Yep, the most deadly sin of IB is catching up to me...
  12. Granted, but everything is slowed down, nullifying your wish. I wish that they upgraded Australasian internet from being a trickle under the ocean...
  13. Desy, your EE? I do not see you talking Did you complete it?
  14. It seems good that I'm posting under Desy here. A person who is genius but doesn't work hard will preform exceptionally within certain parameters, once taken outside of those parameters they will wither and die (not really, but I'm too tired to not be poetic ) A person who is hard working but isn't a genius will preform poorly in the first contact to a new idea or concept, but will gradually master it. Depending on the level of genius and hard work put in by the respective people, it is possible for genius to be matched by hard work. A person who is both hard working and a genius will preform
  15. 1 is a lie, and that is correct. I misspelt "and" 5 times while typing this up. I'm confident in getting highest mark in class in this exam. I've had 3 7's in the mock exams so far.
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