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  1. We completed this test at school in year 10 and my result was INFJ. Albeit barely... I was on the borderline on F & T as well as N & S. In this test however it shows I am ENTJ. I guess it just shows that personality isn't necessarily fixed - it moulds and changes as we grow.
  2. If you can't log in to the check and change website, the best thing to do it ring UAC up directly and ask them yourself. They might be able to help you more and tell you what to do
  3. It really depends which core topic you have the most notes on and feel the most comfortable with. I would recommend you write the 22 marker essays in the core topic that you enjoy the most so it won't be too boring for you and you might end up enjoying it!
  4. As your exam is in May 2016, the case study for your examinations may not have been released yet. The case study is about a 10 page case analysis that you are provided with months before your final examination that you read and analyse. The first business exam has questions relating to the case study. I would recommend you speak to your teacher about the case study and when they believe it is going to be released
  5. You can also try comparing your exam to your friends exam. Ask them to explain the concepts that you didn't understand - this will help you and will also help them cement their knowledge. Write down really clearly the steps you need to take to get the right answer. Use these steps and do a whole heap of practice questions. Before next term, ideally you want to be confident in all your subjects, so also approach your teacher and ask them to provide you with extra practice questions to help you become more confident in answering particular types of questions.
  6. If anyone is looking for good piano study music, Ludovico Einaudi is fantastic. (My favourite: In un'altra vita)
  7. Hi there! We can't tell you what topic to choose as you are actually graded on the topic you choose! I recommend drawing up a brainstorm chart with potential businesses or ideas and then keep delving into potential problems which can then lead to your topic! If you still feel extremely stuck, there are quite a few resources out there to help you come up with a topic. Try talking about some ideas with your teacher as well
  8. Well I was planning on supporting Australia (where I live) and Italy (my heritage) - but that failed.. So now I'm just hoping for brilliant matches and perhaps a Brazil v Argentina final!
  9. Agree with all of the above. I recommend exploring each of the forums and skim-reading the compilation of advice that has been posted. It will provide you with a general overview of what to expect in each course and some good tips about how to tackle each assignment. Also, don't stress to much about it yet! You've still got a year to go so there is no need to do a whole lot of pre-preparing. Maybe just read about the courses and textbooks if you want to be ahead
  10. I didn't do ESS but I've got a few tips when you're running short of free time to study. You might consider downloading a flashcard app on your phone (or even making hardcopy flashcards) - so when you're on public transport/waiting for an activity to start/away from your books - you can flip through some key definitions or information part of your course. It doesn't take time to set up and I'm sure there are pre-made flashcards for your subject online - which would be helpful for those units that you haven't covered I found this helped quite a bit if I was ever running short of time. As you h
  11. Agree with all of the above. Also, if I found that I had quite a bit of free time, I would actually listen to italian music and/or watch some tv shows in italian! (Italian was my language component). So you can always do something like that with your language to boost your score
  12. Honestly it's up to you to decide. Don't choose it based on the workload because I can assure you that both subjects have a lot of reading involved. Look at the syllabi for the subjects and see which one you think seems more interesting - it will lessen the workload as you will enjoy the subject and make it more "fun" to study.
  13. Personally I had a small booklet of notes of questions and concepts that I found difficult or a bit difficult to remember - I would review and glance over these right before exams. (Such things include the Chi-squared test rules of independence etc). Otherwise doing past papers is the key to doing well. Make a sticky note and highlight the questions you get wrong or find difficult and keep on reviewing these particular questions All the best!
  14. I can't comment on your first question because I don't do HL Bio. Personally, I think that the most time consuming subject is the one an individual is the least confident in. You want to work on that subject really hard so it doesn't let you down when it comes for the final exams. So on those lines, my most time consuming subject was physics SL because I spent so much extra time trying to figure out concepts, completing past paper questions and perfecting my IAs. In terms of homework, they were all pretty equal. But when it came to the break before exams - I forced myself to do a lot of essay
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