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  1. For instance, I got 17/20 + 18/20 = 35/40 on my IA's, and got a 6 in all HL papers (paper 3 was differential equations). Unless you really neglected your IA's, you'll probably score a 4 or a 5 IMO. Good luck on your exams!
  2. I can have a look when you'll have some pages written down if you want.
  3. You could write a letter from Jocaste to Oedipus. That would definitely be interesting.
  4. I got 35/35 in my EE, and hence an A. Moreover, I know you need to write your essay on only one topic, but mathematics and computer science can be linked in such a nice way that it cannot be avoid. For instance, in my EE, I explained an algorithm for testing the primality of a very large number using pseudo code. I also talked a lot about the difficulty for today's computers to factorize large integer into primes. Most of my EE was based on mathematics, but still, since cryptography is mostly CS-related when it comes to implement it on the market, I had to integrate CS notions to guide the rea
  5. Computer Science was not offered at my school, but since I am now studying CS at university, I'm pretty sure it is best to come up with your own methods/functions. Virus development is an extremely hard topic and I don't believe you will get something out of your EE with such topic. You say you could use your own code for virus development, what kind of codes are you talking about? Do you mean antivirus software development, perhaps? Moreover, cryptography is a good topic, but a bit overdone. I have done my EE in math on RSA cryptography but still had to come up with an original approach to pr
  6. I don't want to be a jerk, but didn't you have more than a year to do this EE?
  7. Yeah, this year Paper 3 on Series and Differential Equations was a joke, but in 2011, it was probably the hardest one of the past 5 years. I haven't done Sets, Groups and Relations, but from what I'm actually seeing in my Abstract Algebra course in University, this should be pretty much straightforward as it gets very repetitive. Not like coming up with an integral bounded from npi to npi+1 of an absolute value of a sine in the 2011 S&DE Paper 3... I almost sh*tted my pants seeing it at first.
  8. Chemistry HL is definitely harder. (Don't mind my signature, I went through all the HL stuff but did SL)
  9. I also did my EE using LaTeX typesetting, so I feel your pain. Quite frankly, I ended up never counting my words. My EE advisor told me that Math EE did not have a minimum nor a maximum amount of words, even though IB says a minimum of 3000 (I think) and a maximum of 4000. As long as your mathematical approach is rigorous and easy to read, you can put the number of words/equations/proof/statement/definitions you wish. Somewhat I approximated my word count and got roughly 3200, but wrote 3900 for the balance. My friend did his EE on the Zeta-function (Riemann Hypothesis). I read his EE and it's
  10. My friend got into Harvard with 2230 (he wants to study Physics), but got rejected from MIT. I guess Vol de Mort is right for that 2300+.
  11. I love your idea! Almost did the same experiment for my Group 4 project. I would probably remove your second question in your RQ. As you will learn in your third physics course, there is a formula that calculate the other harmonics base on the frequency of the fundamental harmonic, so it's pretty much obvious. Otherwise, the first question sounds great enough
  12. What do you know about predicted grades? For my part, I was predicted a 38 and ended up with 38. Only French A1 HL changed from 7 to 6 and English B HL from 6 to 7. If IB has been in place in your school for quite a long time, predicted grades are not biased.
  13. I hardly believe someone who got predicted 45 ended up with 35. Man, that's a 10 points drop! How huge is that.
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