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  1. My English teacher is actually pretty lenient when it comes to work or assignments. We haven't been getting much homework because we just get bulky assignments instead. She usually assigns a novel for us to read, and while all of us are reading the novel on our own time, she discusses relevant background ideas (e.g. historical context, important themes). In terms of assignments, we've been getting the conventional stuff like commentaries, key-passage analyses, and compare-contrast essays. The English curriculum in my school decided to throw in some great evaluations though. Recently, my teache
  2. Pick up a good read or any book that can be used as light reading. Sometimes it helps if you could just feel like you can escape from the world and enter another. Watching movies may induce a similar feeling Eating comfort food helps me... when I'm stressed, I just eat all my favourite food! Finally, you can try going to the root of the problem. Perhaps you should change your working habits. You'd be surprised by the power of prioritization. Sort out your priorities and tackle them on one by one!
  3. Thank you for the very thorough advice Capt'n Marth. After pondering some more, I figured that my KI is slightly geared towards the weak side. Plus, we discussed labels/names an awful lot in class. I found a topic that interests me some more, and that is political correctness. I feel that I can explore this kind of topic with more depth in terms of TOK. Keeping what you said in mind, I came up with a couple of Knowledge Issues for this topic... How can language play a role in political correctness to influence our knowledge claims? What role does political correctness play in influencing knowl
  4. Thank you for your advice! I'll take it into more consideration. At my school, a PoK is a Problem of Knowledge and this includes possible uncertainties, biases, limitations, and methods of justification. And yes, you're right, a CC is a counterclaim. Do I formulate the Knowledge Claim by answering the Knowledge Issue first? I'm not so sure about how the KC and PoK play a role in the presentation though...
  5. My partner and I are in the middle of brainstorming a knowledge issue for our presentation. I in fact came across this intriguing knowledge issue somewhere here in the forum! However, I'm having trouble coming up with a PoKs and CCs for this particular knowledge issue. I know very well how to weave AoKs and WoKs into this presentation, but I'm not so sure about how to approach the PoKs and CCs. If someone could share any of their ideas about this knowledge issue, it would be very much appreciated!
  6. You'll have to talk about your IB Coordinator or whoever's in charge of making decisions regarding CAS hours. I'm 99% sure that blogging cannot count in my school
  7. I wish I could give you a recording of my French oral, but I have no idea what I've done to my script. Essentially, my teacher allowed us to memorize a 2-3 minute speech about a topic... but she did stress on the fact that IB likes students to speak French spontaneously, meaning that you didn't memorize your entire presentation. In doing so, you're showing IB how well you can communicate in French when your teacher asks you questions, and when you're expected to come up with your answers then and there.
  8. It really helps to be exposed to an environment consisting of as much French as possible. Try watching French TV shows that interest you, or perhaps re-watch movies or TV shows that you're familiar with in French instead. Sure it takes away some of your free time and what not, but watching French TV shows and listening to French radio shows really helped me prep for my French oral exam I'm currently working towards the written exam, so I'm starting to practice writing stuff like speeches, reviews, and journals. Reviewing grammar and vocab also helps French is definitely a beautiful language,
  9. At my school, we can choose even the simplest of things like picking up garbage in a park or participating in a tree planting campaign
  10. My group and I already finished collecting the data for our IA, but our teacher pointed out a major problem in our data collection. We conducted a different test for each sampling site. We did air quality testing outside, and two pedestrian-counting tests on the inside of a shopping mall. However, she wants us to justify how the data collected from inside the shopping mall can relate to the data collected outside. Your help would be greatly appreciated!
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