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  1. Hey, although IB does not actually tell how they calculate their overall mark, it seems pretty easy to guess. First paper, second paper and internal work are 20% of the overall each. Third paper is worth 40%. I don't really know overall boundary for economics, but I've seen it to be 72 out of 100 somewhere. So, if you get maximum from first paper, third paper and nearly maximum from internal, you are surely to be OK. Just calculate how much percent would you get from every paper with proportion and you will get the overall grade! Good luck, I did my economics HL today too, for me it seemed pre
  2. Thank you And yes, this sucks, because I am the one usually making millions of small mistakes. Careless me
  3. But, as far as I have seen, where FT marks can be awarded, it is written, usually when in a) some quantity must be found and later used in B) c) etc... So I don't think this is the case As bad as it is for us.
  4. that's awful... Really awful One single silly mistake and you lose all points even though your method was OK all along.
  5. Seriously? One M1 only? Because, well, I wrote 2^-2, I just made my calculations wrong, I mean, I did not square it in my calculator... My method was perfectly fine all the way, they should give at least 2 M1's... Or am I wrog?
  6. Hello, this is what I am interested in. I was solving this, and I accidentally forgot to square -2 in the middle of my calculations (shown in red). How many points would I lose in this case, as the answer, of course, was wrong... Need a quick answer, please! Image can be as well accessed here: http://i45.tinypic.com/2va11di.png
  7. Well, our wordings are of course different, because I only use the same method, I did not copy-paste it. Just used the same method... Well, I hope everything's gonna be fine. THANK YOU! Now I feel better.
  8. So I was doing my math IA, and I had some problems with solving the equations (3x3 systems of equations). If my friend explained how to solve them and so we use the same algebraic method, could this be considered as plagiarism? Because everything else is different, only these methods are the same, but comeon, there are not, like, million methods to solve them... What do you guys think? I am freaking about this right now, as I don't know what to do, I really don't want to plagiarise anything whatsoever. Cheers.
  9. Depends on the subject and if it is HL/SL. Search the internet or ask your teacher for grade boundaries of past sessions. Although they may vary a tiny bit, they should be more or less clear to you. And of course, take them seriously! In IB, everything you do is more or less important. Good luck.
  10. I think you don't need to rewrite the definitions from the textbook, but you should write your own definition, if neccessary, in order to show your own boundaries, etc. Hope this helps. )
  11. Hey guys, I am kind of desperate here, maybe someone has economics (most probably sl) past paper. What I know is, that it is paper two (data responce), most probably from years around 2009. Topic is about mexico, philipines, demand for something and exchange rates. Maybe someone has seen anything like that? I need this one today, at least say exactly which paper is this, I will purchase it from ibo... Thank you!!!!
  12. I also did my EE about price elasticity of demand, BUT make sure you are able to find the sales data! Most of the businesses won't share this information with you. Good luck.
  13. Hey, guys. Thank you for suggestions, especially for the fact that fourth commentary does not have to combile two sections. However, our teacher somehow wants us to write such IA... So, thanks again and if someone still has suggestions, feel free to add. XOXO
  14. Hey guys! I just started thinking about the last IA in economics, which must combine two sections of the programme. I am thinking about micro+macro or macro+international as we haven't learned the last section yet. Could you PLEASE give examples of topics that I could combine, like, I believe unemployment+protectionism may be an option, but I kind of already wrote about protectionism and employment was there as well. Any suggestions would be helpful, cheers. P.S. Another example I thought about-inflation and exchange rates!
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