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  1. Can anyone recommended some good historians/schools of thought for the following topics: Cuban Revolution Russian Revolution/Stalinism League of Nations WW1/WW2 Spanish Civil War Nazi Germany I figured that this would be useful for others to have as well, so that we have a wealth of secondary sources to draw from for revision purposes
  2. I was thinking of either putting the sample in a hot water bath or heating the aqueous ions and then placing it in some kind of DIY insulator. My only issue is that I don't want to lose points for not controlling the temperature correctly. What do you think???
  3. I'm testing the effect of temperature on the voltage of voltaic labs. I've heard from past students that temperature is the worst variable to control. The last lab that I tested temperature, I scored a 2 so I'm not sure if its a good variable to test. Any advice on testing this variable????
  4. Hey everybody. I'm doing my EE in Chemistry (worst mistake EVER!!!!!) My supervisor has been stressing this for weeks but I just can't believe her. She says that as long as I analyze my data and evaluate well I can do well for the second half (the data processing, as I've already finished writing up the intro, hypothesis, theory and method) My rough draft of the EE is due on Monday, and my data is absolutely terrible. There aren't any trends when there should be, and for one of my tests the results are all over the place and wildly imprecise. I'm panicking a little even though every one says t
  5. How's this for a presentation: "Should reason or emotion be used to determine a patient's eligibility for organ transplants?" I was thinking that you could examine the "reason" arguement as basing it strictly on a patient's immediate need for a organ, and the "emotion" argument as taking into consideration a patient's medical history/background i.e Are they a parent, Have the had a history of alcohol/drug abuse etc. Any feedback would be a huge favor. Thanks!!!!
  6. Hey everybody, I was wondering whether anyone could help me make my questions a little less generic. Why was the Kornilov Affair so essential to gaining the Bolsheviks the mass support they needed for the October Revolution to be succcesful" I was thinking that I should focus on Kornilov himself and looking at the two images of him: the rallying image used by the White Generals, and the counterrevolutionary image used by the Bolsheviks. Anyone have any other suggestions???
  7. My English Teacher adviced us to base the opinion column on another writer, because then you can mimic their writing style. He discouraged us doing it from out own perspective
  8. I love this topic. I honestly think music is the only thing that has kept me sane throughout the IB. Very difficult question though. I chose my albums that reflect the genre's I like. I love a lot of indie music, but I think major labels are capable of producing gems as well a la Fiona Apple. I love a pretty diverse range of genres. Can't get behind any kind of punk or metal music though. 1) Funeral by Arcade Fire People who keep complaining that contemporary music has died need to STFU and do a little exploring. I think is album is hauntingly spare, and the lyrics are absolutely amazing. A mo
  9. Hey Everybody, I chose to do my Historical Investigation on the Kornilov Affair. Has this topic been done too much. My question as it is: Why was the Kornilov Affair so influential in obtaining mass civil and military support for the October Revolution?? How can I make this question a little more unique??? Any suggestions??
  10. Isn't there a minimum word limit though???
  11. Hey fellow IB-ers, I'm doing my ee on the iodine/peroxide value and the oxidation of vegetable oils, and I was just wondering, what is included in the word limit for science ee's I know the abstract doesn't but what about things such as mathematical computations, table headings etc. Also where does the bulk of your word count come from??? I've already got about 1500 words from chemical background information/methods used (so basically everything up until the data collection/processing and subsequent conclusions). I still need to do the calculations, data processing etc. and subsequent conclusi
  12. Bert Macklin originates from what must be my favorite TV Show of All Time: Parks and Recreation. Andy Dwyer is just awesome anyway..... Brief nerd out completed I swear I'm a normal person
  13. Hey Guys, I'm sure this has been asked before, so I really do apologize again. I'm currently taking HL Chem, HL Bio, and HL Math, and I thought that these would be the best subjects to take my SAT II's in. I'll refrain from sharing scores, but I'm doing very well in the sciences and good in math. Will this help with the SAT II's ???? Can you give any advice in terms of content overlap between the SAT II and IB?? Obviously you need to study for the SAT II's but does IB help at all with these exams??? Any advice would really be appreciated . Already starting to feel stressed from applications.
  14. Ya. Just to clarify, its just, the structure of the essay, not any ideas or physical text
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