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  1. Of what I've heard it took the mathematicians who solved it about 1000 cases in order to prove the theorem. Perhaps some other people have found a simpler way by know, but I still think it will require some high level stuff. Then again, I don't know how the new exploration is supposed to be done. Just a warning.
  2. According to my own views the juridical system should not be in place to avenge the victims, it should not even have that very objective. The juridical system should exist so that criminals can be made so that they do not err again. This is no impossible task, espicially as most crimes stem from other things than being evil such as poverty, lack of other choices and so on. With the few (the truly evil) they can be locked up, not so to please the victims, but to make society safe from the possible actions of these individuals. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. By killing off undesi
  3. I dissagree, avocados are good for guacamole, besides that they should be banished from cooking!
  4. they have to reply before the last day of August.
  5. Yes, different tests for different time zones.
  6. Reword the RQ. It's all fine and dandy, but the way you word it makes the one reading it think about a hypothetical discussion. Instead of using "what would happen" use "how has", this signals that you are evaluating something ongoing or current event that may have had some effect on something. You may also use it to find out to what extent a certain market, for example, can be thought of as a monopoly/perfect market/ etc.
  7. A single individual is a little bit over the top, but yeah, it would be good to narrow it down geographically, but the other part is all good. You have a clear focus and the topic enables you to gather data.
  8. It's all bull****. Governments should be made much more transparent. Not so long ago Obama stated that whistleblowers are important to democracy, then this happens, they are all hypocrites.
  9. - Always be on top of things, if something is due in a month, make it a goal to have it finished in 3 weeks. - Love what you do, if you like to learn, or learn to love to learn, you will have a much easier time to study. - Procrastrinate by doing subjects that are more fun. - Past exams are very important, start doing past papers around christmas so that you become familiar with how they are. - Finally, make sure that you study when you can, be outgoing, do stuff, but in the end, school comes first (this will actually free up a lot of time as you will be finished with stuff before they are due
  10. Where do you come from? Why do you have to study in either Finland or Denmark?
  11. Perhaps, but the energy loss is considerable for meat. All the things needed to feed the animal that is going to feed 1 family could have gone directly to feeding more than 5 families (approximate number, it's out there and has to do with most of the energy in plants that animals eat becomes heat, not meat). Furthermore the deer analogy is pretty flawed, we have much more food to choose from than the deer that can only digest grass, which itself doesn't contain much energy, but there are plants that gaps the protein and energy gap, often based on fungi or plankton/algea.
  12. Ezak

    STEP prep

    First off, get this pdf, it's essential: advanced problems in core mathematics.
  13. Ezak

    STEP prep

    Heya! I can't be alone in taking STEP in a couple of weeks, so I was thinking of having a STEP prep thread where we can help each other out!
  14. Work my ass off at my boring job, hope the money will come in handy later. Finish the rest of the math options, I hope it'll somehow prepare me for university maths.
  15. Talking about absolute morality doesn't really solve anything, how would you know the morality you subscribe to is the right one, and what does it make you if you subscribe to any other than the absolute? What makes this absolute? Faith is not knowledge as it by definition is beliving in something without evidence, you are free to do so, but don't force it upon others to accept faith as an equally valid base for knowledge for open- mindness sake. Your first post reeks of God-Of-The-Gaps.
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