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  1. How do you guys study for a math exam? My math exam is in exactly one week and i have 7 units to review: Trigonometry, Transformations of Functions, Exponents (this was review), Radicals + Imaginary Numbers, Sequences + Series, Logarithms, Pre-Calculus. Our teacher told us how many questions there will be per unit and Trigonometry, Exponents, Sequences + Series, and Transformations of Functions have the most questions on the exam, which is why I'm focusing on them more. I know that math is basically doing all the questions but I feel that if I do every single question in the textbook again I w
  2. Why is it that every time I try to make an exam schedule or any time of schedule for the week I NEVER end up following it?! I write what I'm going to do for the week, like my homework and to study for tests, but i never follow it because I get distracted. Does this happen to you also? If so, how do you stick to your schedule and actually stay on task. I'm about to make my exam schedule b/c exams start in a week, but I'm scared I won't follow it and will not get the grade I want because of not following it and proper time managing.
  3. The combination of Chem HL and Bio HL isn't that easy, it requires a lot of studying besides the lab reports that you should do . And according to your post you don't even like Bio. I will recommend french if you are good at it. Teacher isn't important to be harsh or not the most important thing that is he able to prepare you for the coming tests in May 2013 or n't. Btw what is your third HL? My third HL is english...which i have to take. Yeah I already have to take English HL and I dont take physics haha i'm not really good with that kind of science.
  4. So, i'm really confused what HLs i should take. I'm already taking HL Chem but for my other HL, i'm debating between HL bio and HL french. Bio is okay...but I don't intend on going into the sciences..maybe..i'm not really sure and I hate the amount of memorization I would have to do. Then for french, i guess it's good too but in my grade I got the easy french teacher which is why i'm getting in the 90s but i'm afraid that if I get the harder french teacher next year and do HL...i will be screwed. And these are my only two choices because i'm not taking HL math and since I dropped from histo
  5. So, i just want to know what you guys think about love and how do you know if you are in love because honestly there are times when I'm so confused whether or not i'm infatuated or actually in love. Some of the questions I've asked myself: How do you know if he/she is the one? Am i just infatuated with the idea of he/she? Just post your opinions about it!
  6. is this a good book because i'm thinking of comparing it to Anna Karenina for my EE.
  7. So, i've been debating whether or not i want to do this book for my EE. I know this book is really long, but it seems interesting. Advice about the book would be greatly appreciated!
  8. haha thanks for the advice. but i'm deciding whether i want to go into business or the sciences and my school does not offer Economics. So, it seems science is the best thing to take since i don't see how french or history HL would help me. And people having been telling me HL french is hard. But then again i don't want too much stress next year and HL sciences will probably kill me and i might spend more time on that. gahh i'm so confused.
  9. I am a year 1 IB student and i'm thinking of taking HL chem and bio, but i heard that it's suicide so i'm really confused on what to take. My other two options are french and history and i don't plan on taking HL history. Please help! Advice would be greatly appreciated, especially people who have taken both HL chem and bio.
  10. So, i recently just picked my EE subject - english and I'm having some trouble picking a book. I've always wanted to do it on a classic novel but i heard that IB prefers unknown authors/novels rather than typical novels resulting in a non-original analysis. I was wondering if you have any books that you really loved and would recommend? Also, is it better to do a comparative essay for EE or no?
  11. yes that helped alot, thanks! yeah my teacher always tells us to plan for 10-15 mins. then write the essay/commentary and then proofread for 15 mins. but i have absolutely no time at the end to proofread. Im wondering if this is a bad thing. So i guess i should focus more on the plan and once i know what i'm talking about the writing of the essay will be easier? but sometimes i feel like im always trying to find the write word you know, as in i have to be more precise, concise but in a limited amount of time i forget that and i just write. I mean there are alot of talented writers with an i
  12. My goal is to try and get 7 in english or at least a 6. But one thing i absolutely hate about english is writing essays and tests in a limited amount of time (exam). Could you guys please give suggestions, maybe people who are getting 6 and 7s in english? Also, in the beginning of grade 9 i was actually a really bad writer and didn't even know the basics like parts of speech etc. but i have improved so much, but whenever i write an in class test i always seem to do poorly because i'm always off topic (unfocused) or i'm not being SPECIFIC. My teachers have told me to do practice tests, commenta
  13. Okay so on Friday I have a commentary on a sight passage/prose. I'm in Year One and we just finished the book House of the Spirits, so the passage/prose will most likely be something related to HS. I'm having some trouble with English because i'm one of those people who takes hours to write anything. And doing a whole commentary in 90 - 120 minutes is a huge problem for me. Do you guys have suggestions to write better? I feel like my vocabulary is limited or it takes me forever to find the write word to make it sound good. I want to get at least a 6 in english!
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