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  1. Hi Congrats on deciding to participate in the Pre-IB programme; I completed PreIB and found it helpful for IB. For Math, continue to look over your gr8 Nelson. I would suggest going through your gr9 book/ asking your teacher about the upcoming topics so you can get ahead. From what I remember though, gr9 mainly focuses on slope, so I would suggest learning this (also go to Khan Academy for help understanding everything).
  2. Hi I'm having trouble choosing a topic for my exploration. I want to research a specific mathematical formula/ cool thing ex. Fibonnoci sequence or Benford's Law or Pythagorean or the Golden ratio, but I cannot find any sites with a list of all of these mathematical patterns. Found any helpful sites? Or have any ideas? Please and thanks!!
  3. Can I go to medical school straight out of high school? What is the process for Austria? Any links to the sites?
  4. I do not know a lot about the Italian system, but I am interested in studying medicine straight out of high school. I do not speak Italian, but I know that the International Medical Schools (Milan, P...) offer their courses in English. I want the option to attend school in Italy. Can an international student attend medical school in Italy straight out of high school? Could attend the International Medical School? And how do I coordinate that with my regular Canadian applications which are due between October and January annually, and school starts in September? (I am currently in Pre-IB, grade
  5. What undergraduate major should I take in order to go to medical school? Should I take a double major? Or should I take a major and a minor? What minor should I take? By the way, I am interested in University of Toronto.
  6. Hey, I just want to clarify that University of Sydney offers an undergrad MBBS program in Medicine - so that's straight after finishing the Diploma. This was usually the case with all medical schools in Australia, but now many Unis have introduced the BSc-MD pathway such as University of Melbourne and University of Queensland. Just a heads up Is it true that the MBBS program is very difficult to get into? Is the Bsc-MD pathway better?
  7. Hi, Currently, I am a Pre-IB/ MYP student in Canada. I am interested in pursuing a career in the field of medicine (maybe neuropsychiatry). I do not know which universities to go to for Undergrad, medical school, and residency. I am interested in University of Toronto in Canada, Johns Hopkins in USA, and University of Sydney in Australia in no particular order of how I want to go. My first actual question is: Since I am in IB, is it better to do my Undergrad outside of my home country since IB is international? I was sort of interested in doing Undergrad in my home country then going outsi
  8. I sometimes go to the community pool to swim non- competitively. Does this count for CAS?
  9. Well, my school might have it. I'm just in pre-IB so I don't know. How many hours can you get for CAS there? How much does the trip cost?
  10. Do you know where near Toronto Canada that I could do medical volunteer course?
  11. I am in grade 9 and starting pre-IB. I have to do 40 hours of community service in grades 9-10 and then 150 CAS in grades 11-12. For grade 9-10 I will volunteer at the YMCA and join Volunteer Now club at my school. In grade 11-12 for creativity: I take private piano lessons... Does this count? Do I include practices or just lessons? Does Model United Nations club count for creativity? What do you do in that club? For action: I will join school sports teams. Service: Volunteer Now; volunteer at local hospital ( I want to go into medicine); what else gets you a lot of hours in Canada?
  12. I want to go to med school to become a surgeon or something. What are great med schools that recognize IB (anywhere in the world)?
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